Izzy Anger and Sean Sayers take part in Reading College at the open house July 12th at Red Deer College. Carlie Connolly/Red Deer Express

WATCH: Grade 2 students in Red Deer see great benefits from Reading College

Students build up their skills for Grade 3

Reading College is making a real impact on the lives of over 60 Grade 2 students in the Red Deer Public School District.

On July 12th, an open house was held for families and supporters of the students to see what these students have been up to and see what Reading College is all about.

The students involved are those who are struggling readers and in the the month of July, they get to have a summer immersed in a literacy rich environment. They get the opportunity to experience in developing their literacy skills and get excited about reading and writing before they enter Grade 3.

“We’re working on building up their skills and these are students who are lagging behind a bit in reading and writing but are approaching grade level and so we are trying to give them that boost so that they go into Grade 3 at a stronger level able to be more independent,” said Elvy Goring, coordinator of Red Deer Public School’s Reading College.

On July 12th, students rotated between three classrooms focusing on reading, writing and word study.

Brenda Munro, dean of the school of continuing education at RDC said, “From the College’s perspective, this is our future. The kids that are coming up and their parents, we want them to be exposed to the RDC experience. This is a place that they are very welcome at all stages of their lives.”

Munro added that the students take part in scavenger hunts around the college, with various instructors doing activities with them, exposing them to thinking about careers they might want to do in the future.

“A key piece for Red Deer College is the school division hires six of our graduates. They are graduate teachers out of our school of education and they get practical hands on experience by teaching and they are mentored by experienced teachers. They get exposed to the school division, they go through the same interview process that they’ll be going through when they apply for full-time jobs, so it’s a great door opener for those students.”