It’s the 49ers to the Superbowl

What am I fighting here? God? The stars? Numerology? What? Why can’t I just accept the fact that Eli Manning is an elite quarterback? If I do that I’ll just be happier. It’s not because I’m a Philadelphia Eagles fan is it? It’s not because I’ve been raised to despise all that is New York Giants since Phil Simms. No, there must be more to it! But what?

Eli’s career stats are 1-Superbowl and — oh man who am I kidding? That’s all he’s done! Look, I don’t like the guy. I don’t think he’s that good, but he wins. Yes, that’s right Chris (Ballantyne), I’ll admit it. Eli is clutch. But it just makes me so mad!

I have to admit it. The man is winning when he shouldn’t be. He’s throwing up Hail Mary’s and getting the important ‘W’. Eli is now traveling to sunny San Francisco to play the 49ers. In the first week of the playoffs I had the Giants over the Falcons. Easy pick. (For me it was, the Falcons are pretenders this year and took a step back).

Then I picked the heavily favoured Green Bay Packers to win. I was wrong. And now with a rejuvenated team, everyone is expecting a repeat of Superbowl XLII. No it was XXIIL or maybe it was…never mind. Everyone is expecting a repeat of the 2008 Superbowl. Except, I don’t think the 49ers got the memo.

San Francisco’s defence is tougher and badder than Green Bays. They will get pressure on Eli Manning. And if there’s one thing that Eli doesn’t like, it’s pressure. It’s what makes him throw up the 50/50 passes. It makes him try the Brett Favre-like, thread the needle into quintuple coverage passes. It’s his Kryptonite.

The 49ers had the best rushing defence in the NFL this season. Let’s face it, the run opens up the pass — especially if you can run all day. Brandon Jacobs is running the ball well for the G-men but I’ll bet he doesn’t find those big holes against the 49er D. No one has. And as for passing, the 49ers did give up over 450 passing yards last week. But that was against the number one passer in a given season, Drew Brees!

Please don’t compare Eli to Drew. He’s not. The San Francisco 49ers will ride their D and surprisingly scrappy offense to the Superbowl.

Oh and in the other game this week (there’s another game?). I can’t choose, but I wouldn’t bet against the Patriots.