What’s wrong with pro-wrestling?

So what’s wrong with professional wrestling? No, we’re not asking how can we improve the product, of professional wrestling that you see on TV everyday. We’re asking what’s wrong with it? Why don’t you like it? And some of the biggest critics are women so they sounded off.

“It’s like a daytime soap opera except all the men are on steroids,” said Janet. “Everything’s pre -determined you know. They already decided in advance who was going to win and they’re overly dramatic.”

Those are some damning points. But to play devils advocate, can you really judge professional wrestling in one fell swoop? If you look at the first comment about steroids, I wonder if that isn’t one of the main reasons it’s not considered a sport in the Alberta Hall of Fame. Is there perhaps a stigma that all professional wrestlers are on steroids?

What about the indee circuit? Are all these guys on steroids? No not likely. Some of the guys are TV could be, but those guys are also part of a multimillion dollar company that pays them well to stay in great shape. But it would be naïve to think that none of those guys on TV are juicing.

So what’s wrong with predetermined outcomes? “There’s no competition to it,” said Annette. In her eyes pro-wrestling is not a sport.

But is it a sport or entertainment? “If you don’t have enough sports to fill the airtime on sports channel you can put it there,” said Marrissa. “Otherwise you can put it on Spike or Man TV.”

Well, over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at these angles and stereotypes in wrestling to see if some of the myths can be dispelled.