Passionate about Wrestlemania

Well I missed Wrestlemania 28. I didn’t really miss it, I saw it on TV, but I wasn’t there, in Miami. Yup, you got it, I wanted to be there in person. Juvenile? Perhaps but I wanted to be there in person to see my favourite wrestler ‘The Rock’. Or as you may know him, Dwayne Johnson. The Rock was back in wrestling action for the first time in seven years. As a matter of fact, at one time he said he was never coming back, so to have him back at Wrestlemania, the grandest stage in all professional wrestling, was something to be seen.

For those of you who are laughing at the fact that I’d want to go to Wrestlemania, here are some of those who were taking in Wrestlemania — Sean Combs, Flo Rida, New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, NFL Legend Warren Sapp, Chili of TLC, Timbaland, actor Andy Garcia, MMA fighters Rashad Evans and Cole Miller — just to name a few.

This is the spectacle that everyone wants to see. And you know what why not? The entertainment value was there and if you haven’t seen Wrestlemania and know all the results, you only know a part of the story.

The best match of the night was ‘Triple H’ versus the ‘Undertaker’. That match was probably the best Wrestlemania match I’ve ever seen. The storyline was superb. The match? Brutal, in a good way. There were chair shots, multiple finishing moves, it was Hell in a Cell and truly unforgettable.

The finale was The Rock versus the annoying John Cena. Cena wins a lot of matches, but to see these to massive egos go toe-to-toe in the ring was fantastic. And having the star Johnson taking bumps and bruises like a wrestler was great.

Look, the best way I could put it is to order Wrestlemania 28. It’s worth it just to see the best Wrestlemania match since the break up of the Mega Powers, since Hogan versus Warrior. It was the best match in 28 years.