Mayweather wins. Period.

Great win for Floyd Mayweather! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking “The most disgusting display of sportsmanship I’ve ever seen”. Or “I’d like to give Mayweather a sucker punch!” Well you probably won’t get that shot.

Saturday night, Floyd “Money” Mayweather lived up to his name. I can say it was a great win for him because he won the fight fair and square. If you didn’t order the pay-per-view, I’ll take you through it.

Before the fight starts I looked at Victor Ortiz and thought, ‘he looks scared.’ The first three rounds go to Mayweather. Say what you want, but this guy is efficient. In just over three rounds, Mayweather struck Ortiz over 70 times! Imagine being punched nine times every minute for 10 minutes straight. Oh, and on the flip side, you punch the other person who’s pummeling you 30 times. (Newsflash: in this scenario you’re not winning).

Then in the fourth round the unthinkable happens. Not since Holyfield versus Tyson have I seen such a blatant head butt. Ortiz puts a flurry of punches together, has Mayweather on the ropes, and then decides to jump at Floyd’s head! The referee jumps in, calls a timeout, and awards a point to Mayweather. He then calls for time in. Ortiz and Mayweather hug, and then boom! Bam!

Ortiz gets knocked the ‘what’ OUT! After the bout Mayweather was unapologetic about hitting Ortiz when his hands were down. The referee had called for the two fighters to begin fighting again. The awkward embrace, was a sign of apology for Ortiz and an opportunity for Mayweather.

So what, Floyd hit his opponent with a sucker punch post hug. Yeah, it was a combo. But he won the fight. That’s what he was supposed to do. He created controversy, that’s what he’s supposed to do. He even sealed his role as a villain in the post fight interview, by telling HBO announcer Larry Merchant, “HBO needs to fire you!” (That’s straight out of the Mike Tyson school of boxing controversy).

Take a bow Floyd. It was a great fight. How could I say that? Well, Mayweather was the promoter of this night of fights. Forty-million dollars will be deposited into his bank account after the money is totaled. He told everyone Ortiz can have a rematch if he wants. People will be talking about this for the next three weeks. And when it’s all said and done bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.

Judge if you want, but if I promised you $40 million dollars and all you had to do was sucker punch a guy you were already beating up and it was legal, would you do it? That’s what I thought.