Keeping tabs on the fluctuations of football action

We are just a little more than halfway through the CFL season and it’s shaping up to be another good one. If you’re a fan of the west.

Well, you’re in for a race. The east is a race as well, but it’s not the race we were expecting.

Seeing as we’re in the west, we’ll start in the west. What we have here is a failure to communicate. What we’ve been led to believe, at least early in the season, is that the B.C. Lions suck. The Saskatchewan Roughriders suck. (They smell too but who’s counting). The Calgary Stampeders are the real deal. And the Edmonton Eskimos are all about Showtime!

Here is the truth, the Lions don’t suck. Sure they lost their first four games. But the Lions are biting back. (“Curse you Wally Buono, you coaching-savant you!”)

They will rally. And they will make the playoffs. The Stamps and Esks just finished playing back-to-back weekends. They traded wins, in the battle of Alberta and they will battle for first in the west division.

In the east, once again it’s Montreal’s Division to win.

Anthony Calvillo, the cyborg, decides who wins the east. And he’s at it again. (That cyborg comment is courtesy of my Shaw co-worker Andrew).

The Argonauts are done. A word of advice Argo brass: When your starting quarterback is getting the ball to awkward places on your receiver’s body, like their hands, or the centre of their chest and they’re dropping the ball? Then your problem is not your quarterback!

Hamilton is looking real good. And they’re looking real bad. I don’t know what to think of this team. They get up, and then they get down. If they can play to their potential, they have a chance to win the division. Well then again, they don’t.

Finally, there’s the once mighty Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Their top defensive player is injured. Their top defensive back is also injured. And simple put Swaggerville is losing respect faster than Rodney Dangerfield.

And the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I know, you probably think I forgot about the Riders. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK! (That’s courtesy of the Rock) Well, the Riders suck, and they will come back to reality soon enough. Their two wins over the Bombers back to back, is more Bomber futility than it is Rider domination.

Does anyone else enjoy seeing the Riders lose week, after week, after…

Well, keep watching because this is what’s in store for the second half of the CFL season.