Abt a star on RDC hockey team

Megan Abt has been with the Red Deer College Queens hockey team for the last five years and at the end of the year, she’ll mark the end of organized hockey career. But she’s doing it in style. She was named the female Athlete of the Week, for the first week of the New Year.

“I started figure skating when I was in elementary school. My best friend and I decided we wanted to start playing hockey in Grade 4.” After that Abt was a dual sport athlete playing hockey and figure skating. Anyone who’s ever attempted the two sports knows the only similarity they have is that they’re played on ice.

Abt soon decided figure skating wasn’t her for her. “I just stuck with hockey because I was better at it.”

Not only was she better at it, it’s in her blood. “My older brother played hockey and my dad played hockey. We were at the rink all the time.” Abt also had a cousin who played in the WHL.

Hockey is an Abt tradition. So much so, Abt’s younger sister also felt drawn to Canada’s favourite pastime. The two have played together the previous two seasons. Megan’s sister Jessica plays at the University of Alberta this year.

Last season was supposed to be Abt’s swan song as she had already made up her mind she wasn’t coming back. And who could blame her? The Queens were 3-17. But one of her biggest fans convinced her otherwise.

“My mother didn’t want me to quit so she kind of convinced me to play again this year. They’re really proud of me.”

And they should be. Abt is very motivated to go out on a high note. She’s currently tied as the Queens leader scorer.

The Queens are four points back off SAIT. “We play SAIT next so we pretty much have to win these next two games to get a playoff spot.”

After this season Abt will find herself in unfamiliar territory when she returns to RDC in September to finish her nursing degree. There will be no practices. She won’t have to play games every Thursday. She admits this is uncharted ground.

“It’s going to be hard next year, not playing for sure. I’ll definitely fill the void with other things.” Things like tennis, volleyball and of course, recreational hockey.