Random thoughts for the week

This column tends to be opinionated. But because I like to babble, I’m going to just do random thoughts. But before I get to that I’ll talk briefly about my NFL picks from the past weekend. I had Cincy, New Orleans, New York and Pittsburgh.

Clearly, I was wrong on the Cincinnati prediction. But who would have thought that Tim Tebow was that close to the divine one? Sigh, two and two, I’ll take it for now.

Now I could say don’t bet against Tebow, but he’s on the road. There is a possibility he could win, but he won’t. This week take Green Bay, New Orleans and Baltimore (the traveling Texans show will not fare as well as the indoor version).

Speaking of Houston – can we go ahead and name them the number one football team in Texas? The Cowboys will be a joke until Tony Romo is traded or retires. That’s their choice. The Houston Texans will continue to be the choice of a new generation.

Staying with football, I know the Giants feel they came close to beating Green Bay earlier this year but seriously, Eli versus Aaron? That’s a no brainer.

What’s going on in the NHL? Everyone’s going down with a concussion. Are they really concussed or are the doctors just being extra careful?

Speaking of concussed, I have no problem with someone ducking a hit. I do, however, have a problem giving him five games for doing it. Brad Marchand is 5’9” that’s no giant in the NHL. And when Jean-Francois Jacques gets three games for a flying elbow to the head of RJ Umberger, I ask, what type of hits is the NHL trying to get rid of?

Staying with the physical, the National Lacrosse League has started on the eighth – the season is underway. So, why is this sport not more popular? It’s Canada’s official sport (hockey is our pastime, lacrosse is our sport). It’s physical like hockey, fast like soccer (but people score) and they have cheerleaders!

I hate the Miami Heat.

Speaking of basketball, are the Raptors ever going to be able to trade Jose Calderon? I have nothing against him, it’s just he’s a great backup starting point guard. Proving my point, ex-Raptor Jarrett Jack is putting up these numbers: 17.0 PPG, 8.6 APG. Don’t tell me it’s not Jose.

Hey Charles Barkley, dissing Weight Watchers during the commercial break, not smart. I love you Charles, but they’re paying you!

Finally, I waited through nine straight bowl-o-rama crap games to wait for that BCS Championship? That’s BCS? I think it’s B….(end).