Thinking ahead when it comes to home projects

Thinking ahead when it comes to home projects

Planning can save you hundreds of dollars and save you a lot of anxiety

If you are like most people I know, you are taking things easy for the summer and not worrying about interior renovations or improvements on your home.

Hopefully you have a cabin, lake lot or fabulous back deck to relax and soak up the summer heat.

I want your summer to be no more involved than fishing and perfecting your iced tea and home-made burger recipes; the weather will cool and those projects will still be patiently waiting for you to complete.

Although summer may not be the time to paint or replace walls (drywall dust in hot weather is not fun, trust me), some projects are obviously better tackled in warm weather such as roofing and windows.

If you can plan a season or two ahead and have these larger projects already ordered and scheduled you will be ahead of the game and will probably pay a discounted rate for being ahead of the game instead of paying premium prices now to get quick service.

This is true for most projects, buying or planning in the off-season is best and gives you some price flexibility and even some sales.

Paint sales often happen in the summer so stock up for fall when you see those sales happening. Get ready for those upcoming projects by looking for and taking advantage of seasonal items that are being cleared out.

Plan for next year’s fencing project this fall when those materials are being cleared out at the end of summer.

Buy air conditioning units when they are being cleared out in anticipation of next year’s heat wave – this way you won’t be scrambling next year to find one while everyone else is also looking for the same things.

Thinking ahead when it comes to home projects

I buy light fixtures that don’t always need installing but if they are an incredible price I will haul them from place to place until I find the perfect spot for one of them.

Not that I have a storage locker full of plumbing and lighting but I have been known to have an extra fixture or two because it was too good of a deal to pass up! I find that the 30-minute rush trips to home improvement stores DURING a project can become costly as they are bought in a rush with no option in place and you have to buy what is offered, no matter what the price is.

Planning can save you hundreds of dollars and save you a lot of anxiety.

So while you are out shopping for BBQ tools and strolling the aisles buying your kids a blow-up pool, keep your eyes open for possible sales on flooring and fixtures and take advantage!

You will be miles ahead for when the weather chills out and you want to start the next interior project and discover that you don’t need to make a last-minute stop before you can begin to work on your home.

You will be patting yourself on the back remembering back in July when you snatched that killer deal on bathroom supplies and will be smiling as you begin your new bathroom reno.

Kim Wyse is a local freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Realtor/Ask a Designer’.