Reducing chemicals in your home

Reducing chemicals in your home

Red Deer home designer offers tips to living a chemical-free life

It is a windy and brisk day and it feels like these beautiful fall days are coming to an end but I’m excited because my Norwex order comes in today! My girlfriend recently started selling these chemical-free house cleaning products and I am stoked to receive all my cleaning cloths and cool stuff! I have always been a fan of clean and love all the scent filled cleaners and laundry items so it may be a big adjustment to having products which only require hot water to use but it is a good change for me to reduce the chemicals in my home.

The increase in home based business is exciting to watch yet it can also be a little irritating when everyone you know is posting on social media, asking you to buy this or try that. The positive about this is that you get to try neat products that you would never see on your regular trip to the grocery store and you are supporting people you care about in their attempt to male a better life or themselves. I was recently re-introduced to Avon and it brought back delightful memories of my mom and our weekly in-home visits by her Avon lady. She would always give me a little lipstick shrouded in white plastic and I hurried away to try it out on my dolls and barbies as mom visited with her in the kitchen. Avon lady day always meant cookies or snacks as they had tea and this sweet soul became a friend of the family over time.

Despite the over selling of certain items, it can still be a great way to connect with people or make new friends. My girlfriend is coming today, I just saw her last week so it is a wonderful excuse for us to get together and you will find no complaint with me in that! We don’t see each other enough and it’s so good to be able to connect more often while doing a business transaction. It is also a wonderful thing to find products for my home which make it better, cleaner and smell wonderful (in case you were wondering, I will be using essential oils to compensate for the lack of cleaning product smell). The days of home visits and door to door sales in their fashion may be gone but we can still take advantage of people who sell some of these amazing products and use it as a reason to gather.

One of my most favorite memories of having a home party was about 15 years ago when another friend was selling Pampered Chef. We had a big house part which she made delicious treats for while demonstrating her (kitchen) wares. I still use those recipes and still have the garlic press, can opener and bamboo spoons I bought so long ago and they are still my very favourite items in my kitchen and every time I use them I reminisce about the group of friends and the dear people who are still in my life today. It is a delightful bond that was created over a home-based business where there was no high pressure sales, just a few ladies gathering to snack and visit – I’m looking forward to this afternoon!

Kim Wyse is a Central Alberta freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Realtor/Ask a Designer’.