Reasons why you might be looking for a new space

Reasons why you might be looking for a new space

Red Deer designer has great tips for easy home rearranging

By Kim Wyse

Red Deer Express

The reasons which move people to buy, sell or renovate their properties are vast.

I’m not sure if I’m just tuned in but it seems that I am always hearing conversations in public places about homes and real estate.

If I have ever appeared to be eavesdropping or have jumped into a conversation – please forgive my rudeness, it’s just so interesting to me and sometimes I can’t help myself. Usually when people find out who I am and what I do for a living, they are happy to ask tons of questions which is absolutely wonderful!

What do I hear most often?

Number one reason people change their space is an altering in the family dynamic. This can come in the form of death, divorce, caring for adult parents, adult children moving back home or the addition of a new member of the family.

Every season of our lives will bring change and the more adaptable and bendy you are (think of those inflatable tube men at car dealerships type bendy), the more capable you will be of change.

If you need to convert a bedroom to a home office or a garage into a temporary living space you will need quick thinking and deftness to take on a swift turned project.

Second to the family dynamic is the ever looming financial worry that has been draped over us like dark clouds for the past few years.

Downsizing is the word of the day and more people are either moving to smaller homes or converting parts of their homes to create rental and secondary incomes. The idea that we can exist in a smaller space or fracture off existing space in our homes for extra income is becoming more and more accepted by clients that I have known for years who would have never considered the option before.

It is a trend that I believe will continue to grow over time as we realize that our need for space that isn’t used is an expense we can live without.

You won’t believe what comes in third place – boredom.

Are you surprised? I’m not pulling your leg because I have known house boredom myself and have decorated and moved because I was bored with my interior and possibly my life.

I can’t count the number of clients I have met who are either on the verge of the above-mentioned family dynamic change and don’t know it or who just want something else.

Women decorate ALL THE TIME either in our imaginations or in reality; we are always dreaming of things related to home – it is how we are wired.

The boredom with our interior or location gets to us one day and we are out shopping for new furniture and accessories or we are on the Internet longing over a newer, well-decorated property.

Your life is going to throw you curves, it may be an external circumstance and it may be a want created out of our own imaginations but trust me, you are going to come face to face with wanting or needing a change of place and space very soon.

Bend with it, take a reasonable look at why it is happening and you will be far better prepared to handle the need for new space!

Kim Wyse is a Central Alberta freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Realtor/Ask a Designer’.