Make time for traditional experiences and age-old seasonal magic

Make time for traditional experiences and age-old seasonal magic

This year will be the best yet and I wish you every happiness in 2018

The 12 days of Christmas are whizzing past and the time is drawing near for winter nights filled with wonder and anticipation.

Santa will soon be squeezing down our chimney and tip toeing around our tree as he fills stockings with treats and toys for everyone.

Those who have small children will be pounced on at some dark hour as their wee ones scatter out of bed in anticipation of what has transpired the night before and those with no children home may have a leisurely sleep in unless they are a kid at heart.

Christmas magic is still around if you take the time to look for it and include your family in time-honored traditions.

When was the last time you watched a live nativity pageant or went Christmas caroling?

Put on some Bing Crosby or old Yuletide music and sit watching your fireplace (or the one on TV) while you sip hot chocolate and appreciate the twinkle of the tree you have worked so hard to decorate.

Curl up on your couch and read The Nutcracker to your kids while introducing them to the sweet strains of Tchaikovsky and create a festive memory they will never forget.

If you allow yourself some minutes to reflect, you will remember times and events from your childhood that were special and that made Christmas memorable.

Give yourself time to reflect on Christmas past as you strive towards Christmas present and give your heart time to wander to happy times.

There is nothing like reflection to bring peace to the soul and this year is the year to give yourself the gift of time.

Put down the laborious items that you think you must get done and walk with your kids in the snow, drive around your community and look at Christmas lights and try to take some time to volunteer.

The other day we were busy as beavers in our house as we painted our living room; when we finally broke for coffee in the afternoon we were shocked at how mild the weather was and how wonderful the sun felt on our faces as we wandered outside.

I felt a pang of regret at having let such a beautiful day slip by but also told myself that I had been busy. The trouble is, too many of these busy days go by us and we miss the sun on our face or the joy that fills our heart at Christmas because we are too busy.

My encouragement to you is to get out in the ‘sun’ as often as you can this season and make time for traditional experiences and age-old seasonal magic.

I want to offer my appreciation and thanks for everyone who continues to read my column and for the wonderful feedback I receive from my readers.

This year will be the best yet and I wish you every happiness in 2018.

May your home be blessed and your lives be rich and full with every happiness that your heart can possibly hold. God bless you all, my darling readers, may your upcoming days be merry and bright. Happy Christmas to all of you!

Kim Wyse is a local freelance designer. Find her on ‘Ask a Realtor/Ask a Designer’.