Leopard - a fashion statement and a daring addition to your home

Leopard – a fashion statement and a daring addition to your home

Give your home some sass and watch your friends’ reaction

Let’s talk Leopard.

Since the 1920’s Leopard print has been a striking fashion choice and has been high risk for home décor. Actresses of the day like Hepburn (choose either one), to a modern Scarlett Johansson – we see it and are instantly drawn to the sophistication and boldness of the pattern.

It has been adapted into countless colour combinations and made from sequins to lace but the classic tan background with black spots is the one that draws our attention every time.

I have a sweater in this pattern with oversized spots and whenever I wear it, I never fail to receive a compliment. It is a fashion statement and a daring addition to your home.

There are bold ways to add Leopard to your home such as rugs, wall prints and even furniture upholstery. Broadloom carpet is available in this feline fashion and believe me, it looks amazing in any room it is installed in.

The truth is, I had only one or two people in my long design career who actually took the leap and put this jaw dropping print into their home in a permanent wall to wall carpet but they were certainly thrilled with the results.

In history, leopard has always made ‘that’ statement; it has the reputation of being worn or decorated with by wanton women.

It is an evocative pattern and will always make men and women stop in their tracks. They will either make a statement about the boldness or just say ‘wow’ because they don’t know how to express their admiration, jealousy or judgment about your choices.

When the print is used in design it immediately becomes the focal point of a room, no matter how small or innocuous the item may be. The beauty of the leopard pattern is that it is the perfect blend of neutrals from black to brown and it goes with everything!

It will liven up a dull, pattern-less interior and it will hold its own in any bold and already eclectically-decorated home – regardless of how you use this timeless pattern, you will love the impact it will have on your room.

Where this pattern used to be reserved for the back rooms and boudoirs, we can now enjoy this gorgeous replication of one of nature’s most beautiful creatures in everything from dishware to bath mats, you can go wild with simple dinner napkins or make a bold gesture with dining room chair upholstery.

Just dress up a part of your home and listen to your friends frenzy when they see the pattern. Love or hate, I guarantee it will cause a big reaction. This is a pattern which always evokes an emotion in everyone; I have tested this over the years from shoes to gloves to fabric and every time there is a big emotion – it’s awesome!

So give your home or personal wardrobe some sass and watch your friends’ reaction.

Leopard is a print which has never gone out of style and has been timeless and coveted for almost a century. Once you get this print on your radar, you will prowl design stores and fabric samples looking for it and will be amazed at how much pattern you can actually find! Take a walk on the wild side – on your leopard print rug.

Kim Wyse is a Central Alberta freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Kim Wyse Associate Royal Lepage Tamarack Trail Realty’.