Do you even write’ the word ‘bro’?

Do you even write’ the word ‘bro’?

Life is always going to hand us challenges. That’s the deal

A popular saying in the fitness industry these days among the younger kids is, ‘Do you even lift bro?’

It is meant as a bit of an insult to people who try to talk the language, but clearly just read something somewhere and don’t actually participate in strength training.

I bumped into a lady on the weekend who was very polite, and asked me a question.

She prefaced it with saying she didn’t want to insult me, but had a question. Of course I encouraged the question saying I was sure I would be fine with whatever she asked. She asked if I actually write the articles in the paper, or if I get them from a service or the Internet.

Fair question. I do write these. For real.

Often from the heart, and always from personal experience gained in my time as a trainer – 1998 to present day.

My wife proof reads them for me, and you can tell when I write them too late on Sunday night for her to get a chance, because they inevitably have spelling or grammar errors.

I usually ask her as well, ‘Is this one any good?’

I tend to be hard on myself and want to give you the best. She is really great at saying something is weak, or should be re-written and when something is good. In many, many ways, I am a very lucky man! We celebrate 25 years this summer.

Allow me to be a little extra ‘real’ with you today.

I am in a bit of a sad mood tonight because we lost another member of our gym family this weekend. A young lady that used to work for us lost her life. The tough thing about having such a large gym family is that at some point, we lose someone. This year we have lost four.

All of them unexpected and tragic. We also have many members that have had new healthy babies, and many people that have regained a new lease on life with their new found health.

So how does this apply to you?

Well, it gets to the subject of ‘why be fit?’

As someone who nearly died recently, I can tell you that being healthy, (while not a guarantee by any stretch) is the best thing we can do to not only delay or avoid that final day, but to enjoy the time we have here.

I have spent the past 19 months broken since the crash, and I miss working out to my potential SO much!

I have made some strides forward and many steps backwards. I am excited to go for knee surgery this week to hopefully repair the final damaged piece from the accident. I have been working to go into the surgery as fit as I can manage given my limitations and work schedule.

Life is always going to hand us challenges. That’s the deal.

The question we must as is, ‘What can we do to prepare?’

What can you do to be the healthiest you can be, with the time you have, so that when you are handed a challenge (and you will be) you can manage it the best possible way?

I am reading a really great book right now called Immunity to Change.

I just started it last week, so have a ways to go, but it is pretty exciting stuff!

The book talks about how we, as humans, need to understand that we are deeply rooted to hidden mindsets that create a natural but enforcing immunity to change. This is why your doctor may tell you that you have to exercise, but you still don’t (even though you know it could save or extend your life).

The principal foundation is, ‘What is not understood cannot be changed’ and this itself is why I read so many books – to learn, to grow, to improve and to pass along to you. It might even be why you are reading these articles. I will get back to you on this one when I have finished the book.

So yes, I do write these articles for you myself (for free, I do not get paid) and I am always pleased to hear when you gain something from them.

Scott McDermott is a personal trainer and owner of Best Body Fitness in Sylvan Lake.