Dive in and finish a project to the best of your ability and budget

Dive in and finish a project to the best of your ability and budget

Don’t forget about the possibility of upcycling products

Rain, snow, wet, foggy, cold…it’s all here for September. The beautiful fall days seem like wishful thinking right now as I watch trees bend under snow weight that haven’t even had the chance to change colour.

It has driven us inside for sure and I am spending more time looking at my four walls and guess what that means? You guessed it, renovation ideas!

Having just finished our home office recently, I am enjoying a fresh new space to work from home and (as today) to write to you loyal and lovely readers. I’ve always had this computer but have not been inspired to use it as it was stuffed into an uncomfortable corner in our den. I would always go to the office to write and to do most of my work and now I can opt to take some pajama time as I work on offers, design plans and write before I put my self together to start my day.

It is complete luxury with a delicious cup of coffee.

I am itching to reinvent our bathroom, kitchen and master bedroom.

These are the big renovations that disrupt life and cause a lot of mess and inconvenience. They are also the most expensive spaces due to cabinets, plumbing fixtures and flooring.

These rooms need it all so the questions is; do you pile your budget into one room and do it right or try to spread out the dollars between all spaces and give a little love to each project?

If you work with a design plan for the entire home, you can successfully renovate a room at a time and still have a cohesive result even if the project(s) take several years. Home styles, colour and finish choices have a lifespan of about 10 years and most people stretch it to more than 15. If you are careful with choices and colours, you can make a re-design last for a long time and stretch your budget a great distance.

Starting with the greatest need, prioritize your list of home renovation goals and set out a plan for accomplishing these projects. Nothing is more frustrating than a half-finished room that you will ‘get to later’.

It is important to dive in and finish a project to the best of your ability and budget. Search for products that work with your vision that are budget-friendly and compare high/low options for each space. You should always choose quality for fixtures, working parts, paint and flooring as these items will be the workhorses of a room. Decorative and visual accents can be shopped for with budget in mind as they are not functional and will probably be changed out sooner than functional pieces.

Don’t forget about the possibility of upcycling products or getting deals on not perfect materials where possible.

Outlets and re-store options may give you some beautiful products at a steeply discounted price.

Use your sweat equity to reduce costs wherever possible and get messy in demolition or painting; your results will be extremely satisfying and budget-friendly if you have had a hand in the creation and if you shop carefully for your needed materials.

If we are forced to stay inside by the gloomy weather, we might as well find a satisfying project!

Kim Wyse is a Central Alberta freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Kim Wyse Associate Royal Lepage Tamarack Trail Realty’.