Bathroom renovations can make all the difference

Bathroom renovations can make all the difference

Red Deer designer encourages homeowners to tackle that bathroom project

Cold season has started early in our house and we are all still sniffling as we recover from a brief but nasty bout of hacking and headaches.

When sickness strikes, it is important to take the time to recover and to resist the urge to push yourself past being ill. When I take a day just on the brink of getting really sick, it generally stops it in its nasty tracks and puts me on the path to wellness and I’m never more grateful for a bathtub full of bubbles and eucalyptus oil in these moments.

Baths are not just an indulgence, they are a wonderful medium for drawing toxins out of your body and for making you sweat which further helps your person recuperate.

The importance of a comfortable and well-appointed bathroom cannot be stated enough for personal solace and for increasing the value of your home.

Many homes I see which have been renovated usually leave the bathroom as the last item to be fixed and I wonder if people are just intimidated by the thought of a bathroom reno – is it the thought of plumbing or removing toilets or is it the fear of what damage might be behind those old fixtures?

Having renovated the only bathroom in my home, I understand the essence of timing and the need to move out for a few days while certain items are finished.

This isn’t a fun task and it is very inconvenient for the homeowner. Plumbing fixtures can be costly and more than ever we are offered dozens of decorative options for our showering and bathing pleasure.

I have helped clients in all ages of homes renovate and improve bathroom space and it is amazing how a room can be reconfigured and made better with a little imagination and a good plumber!

Space is often misused in older bathrooms and when you see a room set up a certain way it can be hard to envision the layout being any different which is where a designer or contractor can help you see the possibilities.

When you have suffered with a small five-ft. tub for years it can be thrilling to have a deep soaking free standing tub in its place or to convert that space to a walk-in shower with a bench.

Even if size is completely restricted, you can choose different depths in a new tub.

Small tubs are now being made deeper and much more comfortable than their older relatives and you can achieve a wonderful spa experience in a cramped space.

I was once in a friend’s home that had a single person hot tub in the master bedroom which wasn’t much more than a tube but once you lowered yourself onto the seat in the steaming bubbles it was the most comfortable thing I had ever experienced!

Take on that bathroom project, you will wonder what took you so long!

Once you have those updated fixtures and water saving devices you will find unsurpassed enjoyment in your bathroom space. Paint calming colours and surround yourself with scents which help you feel relaxed and refreshed, it will be a welcome retreat for you in the home where you love to live.

Kim Wyse is a Central Alberta freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Realtor/Ask a Designer’.