A well designed nursery a welcome addition

A well designed nursery a welcome addition

Red Deer designer talks about incorporating the best elements into this important space

I have been surrounded by a plethora of babies lately – my clients, my niece, my friends daughter and my daughter in law have all had babies very close together and it seems that I am going to baby showers and gender reveals every other weekend. They have all been boys which is a neat coincidence but this week my fried is visiting from B.C. with her seven month old daughter so it gives me a chance to re-live the joys of a baby girl and it takes me back to when I was a new mom.

Being interested in design, I was very excited to decorate the first nursery to welcome my little girl into the world. It was a sea of green and purple with yellow ducks accenting the walls. I had seen these fabric ducks at a craft fair and knew by their cheerful faces that I wanted them as part of her first bedroom. This was 1994 so wallpaper border was a must and I found the perfect pattern with Disney babies which coordinated with the bedding and the was able to find some sweet yellow corduroy fabric with green and purple rocking horses which I used for some sweet valances and to cover the rocking chair I had bought.

As you read this you probably think ‘yikes’ it sounds like a lot of stuff going on! Keep in mind, I was 25 and had not yet gone to design school and I was a hormonal lady who was excited to design a nursery. Looking back I can see that many rules were broken and that I had way too many different patterns and themes rolling through this room but did I care? Not a bit as it was a dreamy space for my little angel to spend her first years in – the next design was not to come until four years of age when she began her love affair with Minnie Mouse and the pink and blue phase began.

The trends now toward gender and visually neutral spaces is growing and experts tell us that a monochromatic scheme is best for baby but wait a year and this will too be out of vogue. When it comes to making a space for your new little one, it is important to have a space that both mom and baby will enjoy being a part of. This means carefully thought out storage, light control and places to both read and play. That rocking chair was the best investment I could have made and we spent countless hours there feeding, reading and sleeping as I marvelled at her perfection.

The obvious things in a nursery would be rounded edges, safety, soft fabrics and textiles and a few things to keep baby amused while on diaper duty. A shelf within a comfortable arm reach above the table is more effective than storage underneath as it is easier to grab what you need if everything is visible. Keep your pantry stocked and you will find change time much easier.

To those of you out there who are expecting a little one, I wish you peaceful days and restful nights as you get to know your new son or daughter. A well designed nursery will be a welcome addition to your life.

Kim Wyse is a local freelance designer. Find her on facebook at ‘Ask a Realtor/Ask a Designer’.