Red Deer RCMP investigate vandalism at modular home business

Red Deer RCMP investigate vandalism at modular home business

Three children under 12 taken into custody

Red Deer RCMP are engaging their Youth Intervention Unit after an incident yesterday in which three children under 12 were taken into custody after allegedly causing more than $150,000 worth of damage to a number of modular homes at a north Red Deer business yesterday evening.

RCMP responded to a report of vandalism at Best Buy Homes at 7898 50th Ave. shortly before 6 p.m. on Aug. 9th after three children were reported to be vandalizing approximately four modular homes with steel pipes. Staff at the business located one seven-year-old male child and RCMP quickly located the other two children, both eleven-year-old males. While the damages have not yet been confirmed, it is estimated that they may be in excess of $150,000, and included broken windows, cabinets, appliances, walls and light fixtures.

“Under the Criminal Code of Canada, children under 12 cannot be charged for criminal offences, so this is a situation where the Youth Intervention Unit will step in and work with all parties toward a resolution using restorative justice methods,” said Constable Derek Turner of the Red Deer RCMP. “This was a serious incident with significant impact to the business and its clients. Civil action remains an option for the business, but the RCMP role will be to work with the children, their families and the business to come to a resolution that supports all parties while teaching the children that there are consequences to their actions.”

Red Deer RCMP spoke to the parents of all three children last night immediately after the incident, and the Youth Intervention Team has followed up with the business owner and will be following up with the families. Due to the ages of those involved, RCMP will not be offering details or updates about the restorative justice work or its future resolution.

-Submitted by Red Deer RCMP