Red Deer College launches new campaign

  • Apr. 20, 2011 3:20 p.m.

Red Deer College has launched a new campaign in hopes of encouraging students to reach for their dreams.

‘You’ve Got Guts!’ was born out of the desire to help answer those questions and dissolve the fears future students may have. The campaign was launched earlier this week.

“We saw this campaign as a way to address the emotional need that is inside all of us – the desire to make the right choices and not fail. We are challenging the prospective students to push their boundaries, and the ‘You’ve Got Guts!’ campaign does that in a fun way,” said Joyce Fox, director of marketing, communications and student recruitment.

Through consultation with the College’s recruitment team, a theme was brought to RDC’s attention – students fear the unknown and are afraid of failing. Questions arise such as, “Will I choose the right program? The right school? Will I get accepted? How do I even apply?”

RDC has also incorporated an interactive online component again this year.

Players can test their ‘Gut Factor’ at and enter to win a draw for $5,000 towards tuition if they enrol within the next two years. The game presents clever, relatable situations that require guts and shows how everyone has some level of gut factor.

RDC will advertise the campaign at bus stops, benches, theatre ads, radio, on Google, facebook, and by direct mail.

The campaign runs through until June 30.

– Fawcett