RUNNING HARD- Dyllan Duperron

RUNNING HARD- Dyllan Duperron

Raising money for a cure the old fashioned way

One 15 year-old is determined to run until he can’t run any more to help find a cure for cancer.

Dyllan Duperron began his running campaign titled ‘Today’s Hope, Tomorrow’s Cure’ on March 14 in Lethbridge and made his way to Red Deer last Friday despite Mother Nature’s continued wrath of winter.

“We did lots of planning at first and then we just kind of went with it,” said Dyllan.

Dyllan started his journey because he wanted to find a way to help. Having a grandfather, grandmother and aunt all survive cancer, as well as losing two great grandparents and a great uncle motivated him that much more to do his part to help find a cure for this disease.

His mother Boni drives behind him as he runs and so far they have had a few close calls, but she said most people go slow.

“It pulls on the heart strings when people pull over and want to shake his hand and donate,” said Boni.

Dyllan will finish his run at the end of May in Grande Prairie and hopes to raise funds for cancer research as well as people battling cancer.

“Once he gets an idea in his head he either does it or he keeps trying to improve himself,” said Boni.

Eileen Wagner, who works at the Central Alberta Cancer Centre in Red Deer, said she was touched by Dyllan’s story.

“I know how big a challenge it is for somebody because I also run and I thought it is a real testament to do something that causes pain and determination and it is kind of like the journey that the patients go through,” said Wagner.

Dyllan hopes to raise $30,000 while running more than 900 km.

“This is my way of showing support,” said Dyllan.

Dyllan also said he gets his motivation from thinking of everyone that is affected by cancer and encourages others to help as well.

“There is always something you can do to raise money for cancer, and you don’t have to run across the province to do it.”

If you would like to donate to Dyllan Duperron’s journey visit: