Innisfail zoo welcomes two baby monkeys

The Discovery Wildlife Park in Innisfail has two new additions to their monkey troop this year and some interesting dynamics to go along with them.

Sachmo, the newest baby born on July 25th, is the dominant female Sunny’s baby. Before him is baby Clover who was born on St. Patrick’s Day of this year.

The dynamics of the troop will continue to change during the park’s five-year plan for the monkeys.

Recently the park acquired Les, a four-year-old male, from Calgary who will ideally be partnered with seven-year-old Dallas, the hand raised monkey at the zoo.

A chain link fence which separates the two allows Les and Dallas some contact, without them being forced into each other’s space.

“They can groom through the fence if they choose to and any contact is willing on both parts. And that’s acceptable,” said head zookeeper Serena Bos.

The long-term plan includes the loss of the current males in the troop due to genetic reasons. They will be going out east to a new home.

Once Les and Dallas are comfortable with each other they will be introduced to the remainder of the troop and Les will become the dominant male.

Bos said it will be sad to see the males go including Ditto, the current dominant male.

“We’ve come a really long way with the training with this troop. That is the one true sad part about losing our males because all that training will have to be re-done.”

Bos said it is important to know that while the monkeys are cute from a distance, they are destructive and dirty. But even she admits that through the fence, they can be quite entertaining.

“They do not make good pets and that is something that all people should know.”

With all the changes coming up in the zoo in the next five years, Bos said she’s not sure where the new babies will end up in the troop.

“We have no idea how this is going to go and who’s going to be who in the zoo.”

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