Feedback on commuter bike pilot program wanted

Local cyclists are encouraged to let the City know what they think of several new bike lanes that are part of a pilot program.

Part of the commuter bike pilot program, four new lanes have been installed at Riverside Dr. from 67 St. to Three Mile Bend access; Riverview Ave. from 60 St. to 65 St.; Kerrywood Dr. from Fir St. to Overland Place and Cronquist Dr. from 54 Ave. to Webster Dr.

The lanes are painted on roadways using either solid or dashed white lines.

They have a stencil painted in the lane of a bicycle with a diamond-shape below the bicycle.

The lanes are also marked with roadway signage to indicate they are located on the roadway.

City officials say the locations for the lanes were chosen because they were quick wins for implementation in 2011 and allow the City an opportunity to gather more information from motorists, commuter and recreational cyclists about a larger implementation in 2012.

In the meantime, officials are also urging folks to provide input on the lanes. They’d like to know what other routes bikers believe would be the most beneficial and how safety can be bolstered for both cyclists and motorists.

“These bike lanes are the first round of a larger program that will launch next year,” said Michael Williston, transportation engineer.

“We want to hear what bicyclists and motorists think about bike lanes in the City and how we can move towards a more bike friendly City.”

To fill out the survey and get more information on the program, visit

Local bikers have been advocating for bike lanes along Red Deer streets for several years. The Central Alberta Bicycle Club held a ‘Lanes for Life’ bike ride in support of the concept in 2009.

Bike lanes have been a well-utilized feature in several Canadian cities including Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto.