Runners should sign up for Harvest Run this fall

It was great to read Erin’s column (Express June 1, 2011) about her running experience racing in the 10k of the Woody’s Marathon. This was the first year they offered the 10k and had a very positive response to the addition of that run.

I agree that Red Deer has some very beautiful trails which we can all enjoy. Running them in a race is even better as you don’t have to deal with vehicles, exhaust and the dangers of the road.

Running is something that doesn’t always come naturally to many of us and to run efficiently you need to be taught the proper techniques.

When I first started running it took six months before I felt comfortable and that my feet and lungs felt in sync. I know for the first while I swore that after I was finished my race I would never run again.

Since then I have run numerous races and am hooked on running on the trails. You can’t beat the trails that Red Deer has to offer if you are a runner or cyclist.

We have the Harvest Run every year in September and this year it is our 20th Anniversary. We will be running on the trails and will look forward to seeing Erin and everyone who wants to enjoy a fun 8k or 3k run.

This is a run for everyone and for all ages. This year it is on September 11th, a day of commemoration and a day to celebrate being alive.

I hope to see your name on the roster Erin. It is a special year for us and we would like you to join us in our celebration.

Patricia Terlaan

Harvest Run Committee