City should maintain Golden Circle lawn bowling greens

During the planning of the Golden Circle Seniors Centre, consideration was given to activities and services that should be included not only with the building, but also on the adjacent parkland.

Since the Lions Speed Skating Oval was already in place due to the initiative of Bruno Comis, why not add a skate facility to the building plan?

Not only could seniors be encouraged to keep active through skating, but a link with young people who used the rink would be a bonus for seniors.

At the time it was obvious that the parkland was under-utilized and unattractive and though money for redevelopment was scarce, it was agreed to reorient the oval and utilize the land to enhance opportunity for physical activity for seniors.

Horse shoe pits which are very well utilized, a golf putting green which was not and a first class lawn bowling green were all included.

The bowling green was an immediate success.

It was maintained to a high standard by the City parks department at City expense.

The Golden Circle took responsibility for promoting its use by forming and supporting an active club. “If we build it, they will come.” And they did.

Continued success was not to be. With only five people still active it’s hard to justify City support.

The park consultant apparently thought it had no place in their plan and unwisely recommended the bowling greens be relocated or perhaps forgotten.

I’ve got a better idea. We are becoming more and more aware of the ways to keep our seniors physically and mentally active. Swimming is an option, but swim times for seniors are anything but suitable. Walking is an option, our trails are second to none.

Golf is an option for those who are financially and physically able, and lawn bowling is another option. It ties in perfectly with the Golden Circle.

The bowling green are a disgrace. The City should once again take responsibility for their ongoing maintenance.

The recreation department should appoint a program staff member to work with the Golden Circle to teach, promote and encourage lawn bowling as an ideal activity especially for seniors,

Yes, I did attend the public meting and yes, I let my views be known at that time to no avail. Will someone take the initiative to pursue this idea further?

Don Moore

Red Deer