Resident unhappy with irksome noise

It is 5:30 a.m. on the morning on Tuesday Jan. 11th, 2011.

I live in a residential area, that apparently has no rights as to the noise bylaws, that must be endured in the pursuit of the all mighty dollar.

No sleep. No respect for the fact that we too must work. The City allows this noise by ignoring many factors: they allow a 24-hour restaurant, snowplows for these businesses to run whenever they like, and so on.

The City has erected NO noise barriers for any of these allowable bylaws in the realm of noise created for the people that live all along the backside of this strip.

So we just have to live with it, and have the City to blame when we are sleep deprived, and cannot do our own jobs. Which most of us need to survive in this economy.

We pay taxes too, but not as much as the businesses that get away with all of these noise violations!

A minority group of residents that must endure whatever decisions the City of Red Deer makes for the all mighty dollar. Erect a noise barrier.

Then maybe some of us can get some sleep, and go to work refreshed.

Just like our political decision makers.

J.C. Lingard

Red Deer