Time management review needed for City councillors

Mayor Flewwelling predicted in the Express that the job of City councillor will become a full-time position.

This will mean the creation of eight new full-time positions at the present council size.

I suspect City councillors have become too burdened with meetings. One of the factors that drove me from my public service position were the continual meetings that seemed then and now to be an inefficient use of many individuals’ time and energy.

I think that as elected officials, councillors are charged to oversee that city services meet the current and future needs of our citizens.

Councillors are not charged to meet these needs themselves. We have excellent staff in our City to meet these needs.

It may be useful for council at budget time to also consider how their own time is managed and not let it expand beyond what they can reasonably offer in a part-time position.

Dick Huddleston

Red Deer