Reader believes more photo radar is needed in Red Deer

I am writing in reply to an article you published on Feb. 16 titled ‘City council only in it for revenue’.

First of all it is not constructive to be reactive and have to have someone killed or to have an accident to justify using a deterrent to stop the needless speeding in this town and the bad driving, we all see daily.

>I do not understand the idea of Emma to place photo radar only at the intersection that has a death record or accident record.

The drivers that will pay are breaking the laws in the first place and would not have to pay any fines to the City if they cleaned up their act behind the wheel.

I have had one driver loose control and hit my vehicle in my driveway in my yard because of speeding and bad driving. This driver then left the scene leaving me to pay for the damage to my vehicle on my insurance using my deductible. Now the cost has been put on me, because of the drive of the hit and run vehicle.

Photo radar will help to catch these culprits before we have more of this. The bad driving habit will not go away unless we support a penalty system for breaking the law.

I do not agree we need to prove a minimum death count to justify photo radar enforcement.

I do not agree we need a minimum level of accidents within a certain distance of any certain area to justify the cameras. If everyone knew they could be caught people would be safer on the streets.

I for one am all for the cameras and yes I have been caught on a camera in the past. My bad. I was speeding and paid the price for my lack of attention to my actions while driving. I knew I was wrong and could not blame any system for my fault.

Only those that break the rules will pay. Those that obey will have nothing to fear.

This has nothing to do with the City making money, and if it were who cares. If there is no demand for a service then there is no money to be made.

If nobody broke the rules then there would be no need for the fines collected by the City.

Lets get more cameras to protect Miss Emma Marsh before she might become a statistic of a bad driver, such as myself.

Jim Linnell

Red Deer