Will Canada be trapped inside ‘Fortress North America?’

Canadians should be concerned that the Harper government’s perimeter security talks with the United States might leave Canada trapped inside a U.S.-dominated “Fortress North America.”

Ever since 9/11, the Canadian military and big business establishments have pushed for closer military relations with the United States, without considering the harm it would cause to our sovereignty and independence.

In fact, the same people who backed Canada’s joining Bush’s missile defense scheme are pushing to increase Canada-U.S. military integration by expanding NORAD, and even spending $16 billion or more of our tax dollars on U.S.-built stealth fighters.

Canadians weren’t convinced that Canada should join missile defense, and they were right. They are just as skeptical about the F-35 stealth fighters. The government needs to come clean with what it is planning for NORAD and the secretive perimeter security deal.

Steven Staples

President of the Rideau Institute