EMERGING - Saskatoon band Friends of Foes bring their compelling collection of tunes to The Vat Oct. 13th. photo submitted

EMERGING - Saskatoon band Friends of Foes bring their compelling collection of tunes to The Vat Oct. 13th. photo submitted

Saskatoon’s Friends of Foes plays The Vat this month

Band heads to Red Deer Oct. 13th

Hailing from the heart of the Saskatchewan prairies, Friends of Foes have been described as a gifted band that hit their listeners with a ‘roaring wall of sonic talent’.

The band performs at The Vat on Oct. 13th.

The trio is now hitting the road after a busy summer of songwriting for a project that will be released next year, explained singer Danielle Huot. They’ve been testing a couple of the tunes that are destined for that disc on audiences, and plan on including a few more as the tour progresses.

Their latest single, 4Walls, was released late last year and is a terrific example of what makes this group ‘work’ so well. Huot’s shimmering vocals glide effortlessly over the elegantly-crafted rock tune.

It was born of collaboration as all of their music is – rounding out the dynamic group are Matt Stinn and Keegan Stretch. Other releases include a full length CD, and EP and other singles as well.

“After this set of shows we will be recording a new album,’ she said, adding that the tone and sensibilities of the coming project will hold some changes.

“We’d like to extend the fan base, because it’s a little bit of a different sound,” explained Huot, who joined Friends of Foes last year. The band is planning to lay down tracks for about nine songs for the disc, and they are confident that fans will enjoy what they will ultimately find.

“I think every one of those songs has ‘single’ potential,” she explained.

Collaboratively, the members of the band write all the original material that the band performs.

Meanwhile, it’s certainly been a busy season – over the past couple of years, they’ve embarked on several tours throughout Canada, including last summer’s full tour across the nation.

This past April, they headed west again touring to Vancouver and back.

Meanwhile, their most recent project – prior to 4Walls – was the EP Faults which was released in early 2016.

Faults indeed offers listeners a pretty special sonic journey, from the dream-like, simply structured tones of Nowhere to the comparatively snappy and progressive Dance in the Dark. Originality shines through at virtually every turn. Other highlights include the title track and the project’s final number Diving In.

The single Winter was released in the fall of 2014 and prior to that, Chronophobic blasted off on Boxing Day in 2013.

The release of Winter saw Friends of Foes gaining ground on local and national community/college radio, as well as on the top of the indie charts for Canada at ReverbNation.

Chronophobic was also largely born from collaboration amongst the group on virtually every level. Songs tend to grow from sessions of just exploring various sounds, melodies and lyrical ideas.

No doubt about it, Huot is thrilled to be onboard with the band.

Adapting to performing came quite naturally, too. “It felt right. I’d rather sing onstage then sing to one person in a room,” she said.

Looking back, a love for music came relatively early.

Singing and writing were certainly early interests. “I was always one to just belt it out in the living room to Celine Dion, Destiny’s Child and all of those divas,” she said with a laugh. “I knew early that this was the best thing in life, and it made me feel the best.”

She also knew pretty early on that music – and singing in particular – were things that she really wanted to focus on in life.

“I cycled through a few other job ideas, but the true me was going to be a singer.”

She and Stinn had known of each other for awhile prior to her joining the band – and it’s proven to be a smooth transition for both sides over the past year as the formation continues to gel.

“They needed a singer, and I was really, really happy to do it,” she said, reflecting on signing on with the guys.

“I had been aware of Friends of Foes – I had liked them on facebook and had listened to their music, so I was aware of them. Matt heard me at an open mic, and liked my voice.”

Having already shared the stage with Canadian heavy-weights We Are The City, Royal Canoe, Rah Rah, Zerbin and Saskatoon bands such as Slow Down Molasses, The Young Benjamins, Acronyms, Gunner and Smith, Castle River, The Classy Chassys, and many more, Friends of Foes has the stage presence to back up their boisterous sound.

For Huot, there couldn’t be a more fulfilling path.

“The fact that I’m in a band with two people who believe in the music as much as me is a good feeling.”


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