ORIGINALITY - Matt Gould of The Frame It Store stands by an exhibit called ‘Monster Mash 2.0’ in the Makers’ Emporium area of the business. Mark Weber/Red Deer Express

‘Monster Mash 2.0’ exhibit in time for the Halloween season

Exhibit runs through to the end of October

An engaging new exhibit called ‘Monster Mash 2.0’ is set up just in time for the coming Halloween season.

The exhibit, which is included in the ‘First Fridays’ series of exhibit openings on the evening of Oct. 6th throughout the City, has been set up in the Makers’ Emporium part of The Frame-It Store – located in the Co-op Plaza downtown.

“We put out a call to local artists and our own artists to create art based on different themes, so this is Monster Mash 2.0 because we had the first one last year,” explains curator Matt Gould, an accomplished artist in his own right.

“We asked people to respond to the theme of ‘monster’ whether it’s an interior monster or an exterior monster. We have things that are kind of terrifying, and we have artists that are kind of saying, ‘Well, monsters can be sweet and kind’; if you look at (the movie) Into the Woods’. One of the songs talks about monsters being good, witches being right, and that giants can be kind.

“So we put that message out there through the Arts Council and also through our regular list. We love the fact that the gallery is quite open and community-oriented in that sense,” he said.

“We have artists that we haven’t had before come in and bring some work or an artist will recommend another artist. And so our little family gets to grow a bit.”

Monster Mash 2.0 runs through to the end of October. There are about 20 starkly original pieces to look over, and they are available for sale.

Gould added that he likes the word ‘Emporium’ in reference to the gallery as it suggests a variety of items, that come in a range of sizes and styles as well.

“A lot of the artists that we have are also artists that sell their works through the Alberta Craft Council,” he said.

As to Monster Mash 2.0, Gould said he’s impressed with the sheer variety of what has come in.

“There are quirky and funky things here for sure. Some of it’s really fine – we’ve got some sterling silver jewellery that has dragons and gargoyles on it, but it’s all hand-made and fine, fine jewellery. Then we have these funky little ‘box’ sculptures, too, with blown glass and their own little stories.

“We keep the door wide open to anything. And one of the things that really excites me is that artists are going to respond in their own way – different hands, different hearts and different souls working on these themes.” Indeed – as he pointed out, there is a mix of the dark and the playful amongst what is represented.

“I love how the artists take their time and respond to the theme.”

Meanwhile, next month’s theme for the Makers’ Emporium is ‘Remembering’. And for December, the theme is ‘The weather outside is frightful’.


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