ROCK SHOW - One Bad Son will join Whale and the Wolf on Oct. 17th at Bo’s Bar and Grill.                                photo submitted

ROCK SHOW - One Bad Son will join Whale and the Wolf on Oct. 17th at Bo’s Bar and Grill. photo submitted

One Bad Son to showcase new album at Bo’s

Band heads to Red Deer Oct. 17th

One Bad Son will be showcasing tracks from their new album on Oct. 17th at Bo’s.

“We are pretty excited,” Lead Singer Shane Volk said. “It is the kick-off to our tour, along with it being one of our favourite stops of the whole tour. It is going to be awesome. It is going to be a crazy night. It should be sold out and we are stoked.”

The band will be playing many new singles including Raging Bull and Scream For Me which are both currently charting.

Scream for Me, which is charting Top 20, was the result of a complete rewrite.

“We had a whole version of it written, listened back to it and thought ‘No. Needs sexier lyrics’. We put our heads together, banged it out and it turned out great,” he said.

The song was written in the second half of their album recording and is extremely fast with sensual undertones.

“With that type of subject matter—you have to have a good time,” Volk said.

“It is a big rock n’roll tune and it came out killer live. We are super pumped to play that for everyone. We will play quite a few songs off the new record.”

While Raging Bull and Scream For Me are fast, rock songs—Volk said the album will have several different rock feels.

“There is definitely slower stuff and mid-tempo stuff,” he said.

“We found a good groove. When you are writing, you don’t write with tempo in mind. You write songs and all of a sudden you have written 10 rockers in a row. You get into that head space.”

One Bad Son, according to Volk, loves playing Bo’s in Red Deer because of the fans in Central Alberta.

“We are prairie kids at heart,” he said.

“We are Sask kids and as much as people maybe would want to fight me for saying this—we are very similar to Albertans and Manitobans. We have our differences but rock n’ roll has always been huge on the prairies. We all grew up listening to stuff like Guns n’ Roses, Zeppelin, Soundgarden and that sort of stuff. There is a love for the music in these areas.”

One Bad Son will be joined by Whale and the Wolf during the Western-Canadian leg of their tour.

“It is cool when you are with another band—especially guys you get along with,” Volk said. “You get to chat with them over the course of a few weeks. It becomes a bit of a travelling circus when you have another band with you.”

One Bad Son intends to keep the post-album tour going for as long as possible.

“We are hoping to tack on a couple American dates in the New Year. We want to definitely get back to Europe. Touring, touring touring is the name of the game now that the record is out,” Volk said.

He added, “Thanks to Red Deer. You guys have been so good to us for so many years. It is cool to see and we probably have the most focused, hardcore fans in Red Deer.”

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