Gus Wetter students headed to the Caribbean this summer

Gus Wetter students headed to the Caribbean this summer

Ten senior leadership students going

The Clearview school board gave final approval for a school trip to the Dominican Republic July 17-27.

Ten senior leadership students from Gus Wetter School in Castor will travel to the Caribbean country, with a group from the Forestburg School.

The aim of the trip is to help build a home for a family in the Dominican Republic and to learn about the culture and people in the country.

The students, Grades 10-12, will be accompanied by two teachers and two parent chaperones, who have partnered with the Live Different charity. The organization is a Canadian charity that has worked in developing countries over the last 12 years.

In preparation for the trip, several fundraising initiatives have been held raising $41,327 to date. These included funds from the Castor I.O.D.E rummage sale, and concessions at the Castor men’s, ladies and senior’s bonspiel as some examples.

At the time of their report, the group was looking to raise $45,000, with some events scheduled this month to raise the remaining funds.

The previous Clearview board approved the trip in-principle in June 2017, but it was brought back this term for the new trustees to give final approval.

School officials will continue to monitor the diplomatic situation in the area. If conditions change between now and then, the board may decide to cancel the trip if the student’s safety can’t be guaranteed.

Locally developed courses

The Clearview board, during their May 10 meeting, also renewed two courses already being taught in the division.

Psychology-Abnormal 35-3 was originally taught in the Pembina Hills Regional Division and has been renewed until Aug. 31, 2022.

This course looks at normal and abnormal behaviour that affect individuals in our society. Students will learn about perspectives of abnormality, causal factors, types of disorders, as well as assessment according to the course overview.

Forensics Science 25-3 and 35-3 was first taught in the Edmonton School District and has been renewed until Aug. 31, 2020.

In this class, students investigate and evaluate the processes involved in collecting and preserving crime scene evidence. Students also investigate and analyze the strengths and limitations of forensic evidence analysis according to the course syllabus.

Each year the board may introduce locally developed courses or other curriculum that has already been implemented by other divisions in the province.

2019-20 school calendar

Public school trustees also approved a draft calendar for the 2019-20 school year during their last meeting. Trustees have already approved the upcoming calendar for 2018-19, but decided to approve the following one in-principle. This would see school start after Labour Day in 2019, with 184 instructional days split evenly between the first and second semester.

A high school semester break has also been included, and Easter and spring break will be held at the same time to provide more teaching days in March.

Teachers will see 14 professional days in 2019-20 pending any changes, with three days before school starts and a few at the end of June following exams. Superintendent Peter Barron noted this schedule was ideal for parents and teachers, with how the calendar aligns.

Barron added that scheduling the 2020-21 calendar may be more difficult, as Labour Day falls too late in September to start school after the long weekend.