xZubi device protects family from dirty electricity

Dr. Gifford-Jones

Dr. Gifford-Jones

Last week I reported that “dirty electricity” generated by computers and other electrical devices has been linked to unexplained aches and pains, depression, sleepiness, ringing in the ears, headaches, and a foggy brain.

And that an international group of scientists believes that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from dirty electricity can cause an increase in brain malignancy.

Dirty electricity is produced when transformers convert clean 60 Hertz household current into low voltage power for electronic devices. This creates micro surges of electricity that contain up to 2,500 times the energy of a conventional 60 Hertz system. This electrical pollution causes a negative effect on our health.

Dirty electricity is bad for everyone, particularly children. A Swedish study reported that teens who use cell phones have a five times greater chance of developing brain cancer than adult users. Since children’s skulls are thinner, cell phone radiation penetrates a far larger proportion of brain tissue.

In May 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a 10-year study into cell phone use and cancer rates. The WHO recognized a significant correlation between malignant brain tumours and people who used their cell phones, wireless home phones or WIFI connected for more than 30 minutes combined daily.

Since everyone, including children, will continue to use cell phones, what can be done to decrease the risk of dirty electricity? Parents can practice what is known in Europe as the “Precautionary Principle” which means using old-fashioned horse sense. For a start, it’s prudent not to expose your family to unnecessary radiation such as purchasing a home near a transmission tower.

Replace all the dimmer switches in your home with regular ones. Even when turned fully on, dimmers contaminate an entire home’s electrical wiring with dangerous high frequency energy. Avoid low voltage halogen tubes and energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting. Virtually all of these technologies create dirty electricity.

Replace your television monitor and TV with a new LCD as they emit much less EMR. If you can’t live without a microwave oven, stand at least five feet away when it’s on or better still get out of the kitchen. And get rid of cordless phones which constantly emit dirty electricity even when not in use.

Teach your children to use cell phones like porcupines make love – very, very carefully. For instance, it’s ludicrous and dangerous that some teenagers are actually sleeping with cell phones under their pillows. This subjects them to radiation for hours at close quarters. Stress that it’s important to turn on cell phones only to check messages and return calls. And carrying a cell phone in a pocket can decrease sperm count.

Use the speaker on the cell phone to keep it away from your head. Being just a short distance away can decrease radiation exposure from 1,000 to 10,000 times.

Remember that texting with a phone exposes a person to the same radiation as talking on the phone. This practice just radiates a different part of the body.

I’ve added another safeguard for my children and grandchildren. I’ve given them a xZubi device, a small, paper-thin, circular component to stick onto their cell phones. This tiny disc protects the body by a physical alteration of the cell phone signal and sells for under $24.95. It’s a cheap insurance policy to protect them against dirty electricity. Dr. Glen Rein, president of Quantum Biology Research, says that the xZubi device neutralizes the radiation emitted by cell phones.

For years I’ve urged readers to guard against the dangers of needless radiation. This has not made me popular with some organizations. But whether you’re dealing with cell phones or other medical problems, rule number one is to always practice prevention. So unless we get smart with cell phone use we may have a Tsunami of brain cancers years from now as damaged DNA takes years to cause malignancy.

We can’t escape from all radiation exposure. But with millions of people using cell phones, the xZubi device can at least decrease the damaging effects of dirty radiation.

The xZubi device can be obtained by calling the toll-free number 1-877-809-7070, or see the web site www.xzubi.ca