The relationship basketball fans ‘love to hate’

Do you forgive easily? I mean if someone hurts you, do you forgive them?

Imagine watching your friend go through the following scenario.

They don’t talk to their girlfriend. In fact they don’t talk much lately at all. Your pal dated this girl for five years but the sizzle was long gone. He refers to her as his ‘ol’ lady’ or his ‘ball ‘n chain’.

Then after a month of never really hanging out, they break up. But it’s not a forever break up, you know that they’ll be back together because you’ve seen this type of break up before. And then it happens, they’re back. Back together and they’re so excited!

They want you to come over for Christmas dinner! Uh, would you? I wouldn’t. Oh sure, the turkey will be succulent and the stuffing from a box. But do you really want to be over there, faking like you’re happy for them? No, I want them to prove they are back together before I actually start hanging out with them again.

Well that’s exactly what the NBA wants. They want you to come and check out their new relationship. Sure you’ve seen it before. But this is like your friend asking you to come see his same old girlfriend, wearing a new dress!

So let’s see that new dress, you know the little black strapless dress that makes Charlize Theron say “Wow!”

How about the L.A. Clippers? Last year they had the NBA’s rookie of the year, Blake Griffin, a human highlight reel that’s like having Barkley and LeBron in one player! They added all-star point guard Chris Paul. If you’re looking for a fun team to watch, the Clippers are a good bet.

Another good bet is the other LA team will struggle. The Lakers are in trouble. Kobe Bryant is going through a divorce, they traded away their only reality TV show star, Lamar Odom, and they have a guy on their team with the last name World Peace. The Lakers will be a good team to watch for the wrong reasons.

Other teams that should struggle and you may enjoy watching their demise are the aging Boston Celtics, the older San Antonio Spurs, the talentless Detroit Pistons and the Cleveland Cavaliers because, well they’ve been sentenced to futility until they move from Cleveland.

Other good seasons you’ll enjoy watching include the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks to name a few.

Welcome back to the relationship you love to hate, and hate to love.