Taking a look at east coast design

East coast/west coast, Nantucket design — these are all descriptions of a wonderful trend that is emerging in design. We are seeing the influx of grey, cool and weathered in fabrics and interior finishes. The years of deep and dark finishes seem to be easing into the sand and sun washed tones.

The biggest indicator of this is flooring and fabrics. The hardwood trend to grey and sand toned rugged wood floors gives us that casual coastal feeling in our homes. Open beams and faded fabrics are making a regular appearance in homes even in the central regions where we used to see dark, glossy and formal finishes. The laid back easy feeling of costal living is very appealing, even if you don’t live near the water.

Nantucket style is fresh and friendly; white is a key colour in this design plan. Wood is used freely and creatively whether to adorn a ceiling or to add texture and depth to a wall (as in a wainscoting). It is also used to frame pictures and furniture and can also be employed as an accessory – after hunting for your favourite driftwood pieces along the water.

When you are planning a coastal design plan, keep things light and bright. Typically windows are not covered but of course you need privacy. Simple shutters are effective and fit perfectly with the beachy theme. Draperies add a touch of whimsy, sheer and neutral fabrics to flutter in that breeze as it blows in off of the ocean. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? It can be fun to create this dreamy interior even if you don’t live near the water.

Furniture is comfortable, overstuffed and made of casual printed cotton or linen fabrics. Wicker is commonly used, the blonde shades of natural wicker blend very well with the soft palette. You will want to buy multi-functional pieces that can be moved and used to seat or sleep comfortably because you will have a lot of family visiting your lovely new space.

The lovely thing about a casual interior is that it is much easier to keep your sanity around your home. A friend of mine said to me ‘there is more to life than a clean house’. It’s so true but there is a line of cleanliness that you cross which starts to stress you out. A casual interior required regular cleaning but can look comfortable and inviting in less time than a dark, polished formal interior. People are invited to plop down and put up their feet at anytime, it is inviting.

So if you long for the sea, if you are drawn to pure white and beach sand and hues of blue and green you might be the perfect candidate for Nantucket design. If you don’t live near water, do not fear you can adorn your home with nautical themed artwork, wall murals and décor. You can paint the sky blue and warm your toes in a sandy coloured heated tile floor while you relax in your wicker deck furniture imagining the sights and sounds of the coast. Enjoy.

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Contact her at 403-343-7711 ext. 227 or email her at klewis@carpetcolourcentre.com.