Superbowl recap

Breaking down the Superbowl is not easy, but I’ll try. I know it’s only one football game, but it’s the biggest football game of the year. The combatants were returning back for another battle. The New England Patriots and the New York Giants have played this song before. In 2008, the final score was 17-14 for the Giants. It was completely unexpected.

This year the final was 21-17 for the Giants. No one was sure about this one, but the last time around it was an utter surprise to see Eli Manning and the New York Giants prevail against the high-powered New England offence. A team that had not lost a game that season was a lock. That wasn’t the case this year. Even though the Patriots were 12-4, and the Giants were 9-7, the Giants were the hot team in the playoffs and were expected to win.

This was a true dog fight — Haglar vs. Hearns, Ali vs.Frazier — toe to toe, head to head. That’s what this game was.

Playing the role of ring girl? Madonna. Those of you wondering what I thought of her performance? It was a performance. She put on a show. It was halftime. I don’t think she could have done any better. She sounded good. And she wasn’t the ‘Crap-Eyed-Peas’. So I was happy.

In 2008, there was the helmet catch by Giants receiver David Tyree. We didn’t get that this time or did we? Once again, there was a quarterback scrambling when they thought he was down and out; a bomb was thrown way down the field; the ball was chased down and caught by Giants linebacker Chase Blackburn! That’s right, an interception.

And then you go to the final drive by the Giants where Manning hit Mario Manningham on a bomb down the sidelines. That catch was so good for so many reasons. The skill involved in that catch was what makes it so impressive. All you have to know if you never played football is keeping your feet in-bounds while catching the ball over your outside shoulder, is straight up hard to do. If you compare it to the competitive diving, then it would be a difficulty level of 4.8 out of 5.0!

Now only if we could combine Brady’s scramble, with Manningham’s catch, we’d have an unforgettable moment!

Alas, all we have is another Giants championship that I don’t want to talk about.