Staying on track this holiday season



As the holiday season is fast approaching, the treats quickly come out and every celebration whether it be at the office or at your home usually includes lots of goodies – the kind that aren’t so healthy, but taste oh so good.

It’s time to start planning ahead for this most favourite time of year so you don’t get swallowed up in all of this holiday goodness.

For me, having a plan and someone to be accountable to is key. Scott McDermott, owner of Best Body Fitness in Sylvan Lake, is not only my personal trainer, but he is someone that I am accountable to, and have been to for several months.

By meeting with him each week for our workouts, he helps keep me on track and is motivation for me to keep pressing forward not only on the fitness side but also on the meal plan side too.

I have a meal plan that I follow which I find really helps. I find it extremely beneficial when I have structure in my life and a plan that is laid out for me. This helps me not only have a good knowledge of what I’m putting into my body but it helps when these treats are readily available – not saying the temptation isn’t ever there, but it makes it easier to avoid.

Of course, there may be different things that work for different people. And everyone has to figure out what works best for them.

However, it is the Christmas season and it is ok to indulge every once in a while – it’s just not good to make it a regular thing. I know I’ll be indulging but I can tell you it will be a lot less than I ever have and I know the holidays will still be just as enjoyable.

Since beginning my fitness journey this past February, I have been able to maintain my success and continue to improve.

I am still really enjoying my workouts and they get harder and harder each week. I never thought I would be doing some of the exercises that I am and it really does feel great to see how far I’ve come.

Scott is such a great motivator and he’s always right there by my side. He’s so positive and encouraging – he makes it easy to want to be at the gym.

Although I do love these workouts, it hasn’t all been all rainbows and roses.

Recently I caught a very bad cold and was out of commission for a couple of weeks. Going back to the gym was hard – not in the sense of lack of motivation, but it was physically challenging as my body wasn’t used to being pushed like that in a while.

Two days after my first workout back my legs were still screaming at me. Of course though, I really do love that feeling. It’s a feeling of accomplishment, a feeling that you really worked your muscles hard. It’s actually very satisfying even when you’re hobbling around.

And of course the stress of every day life also gets in the way sometimes. Working out has become a huge part of my life and one that I really have enjoyed, but it’s sometimes easy to get off track and when you do, it’s tough to get back on the right path. But we are all human and as long as you stay on the right track more than off of it, than you’re headed in the right direction.

Scott has really helped me want to strive for more. I consistently want to better myself and improve my workouts and we’ve done just that as a team.

I can’t wait to see what the new year brings and reflect this time next year on all of my accomplishments – so many of which I have Scott to thank for.