So many hot items in design to choose from

Glamour is so completely chic at the moment, have you jumped on this bandwagon yet? I have never seen such a complete infiltration of one style in my career and I’m thrilled that this is the style and fashion to catch hold of the home décor market.

Black is everywhere. It is back as an integral focal point, finally giving us a break from brown and other shades that attempted their debut as anchor colours. Nothing shouts ‘look at me’ luxury like black and I love the product offerings in items other than plain black leather furniture. Lighting fixtures, textiles, hardwood and even carpets are showing up adorned in this deep inky hue and it is a beautiful sight, especially when black is combined with mirrored chrome, sequins and crystalline accents – fabulous!

Can we talk? Talk about feathers that is. Birds of the world beware; feathers are hot and happening. No longer restricted to tacky Vegas style boas or Halloween costumes, feathers have been quietly hanging out in the fashion industry and have recently pushed their way into home décor. It used to be very unusual to find a toss cushion or drapery treatment alive with the motion and colour of feathers. Now you can’t turn around in most home décor stores without seeing some décor item wafting and waving at you as you walk by. Feathers add the perfect glamour accent to any room but be careful, this is a trend that will be brief so if you must embrace it, keep the items relatively inexpensive.

Fabrics are more lustrous, sequins and beading are more abundant and sparkle is off the charts. The more ‘bling’ you can pour into a room the more glamorous it will look but be careful to balance textures and not have too much of a good thing. Gold sequins are fine if they are counterbalanced by a similar shade of gold in a lower luster fabric, this will help layer the room with colour and glamour.

Lighting is a frontrunner in the race for glamour. If you haven’t searched for lighting for a few years, you are in for a wonderful surprise. The objects hanging from your ceiling now do more than just illuminate, they have become exceptionally stylish and contribute a huge style impact to any room. Lampshades, dripping crystals and polished black finishes are just a sample of what is in store for you if you are about to shop for lighting.

I know I have talked endlessly about wallpaper and fabrics but trust me you have to see them. Damask is back and more glorious than ever. Fabrics embossed with metallic overlays, shimmering sheers and wallpaper that throws a metallic cast and actually looks like it has dimension. There are so many breathtaking textiles in our showroom right now, I invite you to come in and be overwhelmed.

Dig down deep and discover your design diva, go glam and do it with confidence and an unstoppable attitude! Glamour is not for the shy or the faint of heart or for the shy – if you are going to go glam do it with all your heart and soul and it will be a very rewarding project.

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Contact her at 403-343-7711 ext 227 or email her at