Remember these points when you smoke in the cannabis excitement

Recreational pot officially legal

Today marks an exciting day for many Canadians as pot officially becomes legalized, but it has still left many shaking their heads.

Before you wear your green spandex and graphic pot shirts and smoking a joint, remember to take into consideration your kids, neighbours and your pets.

Both Red Deer Public Schools and Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools are treating cannabis like any other substance that is illegal for students under the age of 18, like, for example, alcohol. The key statement is to not be in possession of it at school and to know the dangers of it.

This is where parents can come in to help educate their kids on the uses of cannabis and potential harms. Kids aren’t always out of the question when it comes to cannabis. According to Statistics Canada, around 23 per cent of kids ages 15 to 17 actually smoke pot, so getting on with these conversations early is important.

It’s also important to note that although pot is legalized, using it requires the same levels of responsibility as legal intoxicants, such as prescription drugs or alcohol. It is also illegal to drive after consuming marijuana.

Another safety precaution to take is with your pets and the effects cannabis can have on them if exposed. Some signs to look out for if they are exposed include sleepiness, depression, wobbling, pacing and agitation as well as sound or light sensitivity and other effects. They can also suffer from inhaling second-hand smoke.

So, as we adapt to this new shift in society, caution is strongly recommended as it continues to unfold.