Reflecting on the Grey Cup

The Lions win the Grey Cup! The Lions win the Grey Cup!

Man I was just fooling all of you. I’ve always been a Lions fan. That’s why I chose them to win the Grey Cup!

Okay, that’s not the case. I was saddened by the Bombers loss. They didn’t deserve to win. But I’m going to briefly talk about what’s bothering me.

Why did they lose the game?

First Travis Lulay, he didn’t have a great first quarter, but he proved he’s an elite quarterback. How does Wally Buono do it? I don’t know but he knows how to develop quarterbacks, period.

Lulay was better than Pierce, and he’s a better quarterback than Buc Pierce. Pierce had to play his best game, mistake free. That didn’t happen.

The Bombers kicking game is at a serious disadvantage. Their placekicker doesn’t do kickoffs. Um, that’s just weird. Add to that, their punter is terrible. I’m sure the Stettler Wildcats punter can kick further than this guy. The Lions’ McCallum is the best kicker/punter in the game.

Then there’s the home field advantage. And I don’t mean this in the ‘crowd was so loud’ type of home field advantage. (Really I didn’t even notice the B.C. Place crowd).

The advantage I’m talking about is the reffing.

There was an interception in the first half that was made that should have been overturned. Toronto looked at it and said no. Then there was a blatant push off by Lions receiver Paris Jackson — textbook offensive pass interference. But no call from the refs.

A week earlier Arland Bruce did the same thing to an Edmonton defensive back, a little less textbook but a push off nonetheless.

I can look back further to 2004, when the Lions defeated the loathed Roughriders at the dome. And that display of reffing was also lopsided for the Lions, it made me sick.

And now I’m thinking the Lions’ dominance in playoff games in the dome isn’t all about talent. It’s not all about Buono. It’s not all about crowd noise. It probably has something to do with the zebras on the field too.

Don’t get me wrong, the Lions deserved to win and likely didn’t need the help. But they got some anyway. So with that, congratulations B.C. on winning the 99th Grey Cup.