Rediscovering carpet and what it could mean for you

I consider myself an expert in flooring, I have been working in the design business for 13 years but my major love has always come back to flooring. Flooring is the most exciting, timeless item you can put into a home and it has to be perfect. Often called the fifth wall in a room it is a major design element that requires careful consideration and research. With the average consumer changing their flooring once in every 10 years (longer if you have hardwood or tile) it is a choice that needs to be made carefully.

Can we focus on carpet for a minute? Carpet remains the most sought after and price conscious product we sell. It has an endless variety of colours, patterns, textures and price points – in essence carpet is for everyone. What I see repeated with clients is their fear of colour and/or pattern; we are beginning to see trends towards more patterns in our carpets and much more cutting edge style and colour combinations. Often when people install hardwood they are comfortable putting a large, colourful area rug in that room yet those same people will shy away from patterned or vivid broadloom in their rooms. We have moved away from strongly patterned furniture in the past few years so the place to throw pattern into the mix is with carpet.

Often people choose carpet which is too light and later regret when a few years have passed and the carpet is showing wear and soiling. Deeper tones will warm up a room and expand the space if it is closely matched to your walls. People are often afraid that a darker floor will make the room look smaller which is not always true. The reduction of contrast in your colour scheme will make the space look larger. Light walls combined with a dark floor will cause the floor space to shrink but a unified colour palette will visually expand your room. Most of us have deeper wall colours which combine beautifully with a carpet in a similar shade.

There are no established rules in choosing flooring so let your imagination run free. Dive into colours and textures that make your heart race. Imagine waking up every morning and wiggling your toes into a plush, ultra soft shag or glam up your living room with a decadent patterned carpet in your favorite tones of plum, chartreuse or sienna. If you are a ‘floor’ person, consider upgrading your underlay to create the ultimate cushion beneath you as you lounge with your kids or favourite dog.

Studies have now shown that a carpeted room has lower levels of airborne allergens than a room with either hardwood or tile. The carpet acts as a filter which can trap dust and pollen which results in more breathable air – even more reason to carpet your spaces.

When you consider the wear and abuse your floors receive it is a wise idea to invest well in any floor covering you may choose. Study warranties and fiber content and choose your flooring carefully, working with an expert (me, perhaps!) to find the perfect option for your lifestyle. I look forward to meeting you and working with you, as we discover the beauty of carpet together.

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Contact her at 403-343-7711 ext 227 or email her at