Reaching a new milestone and entering a new decade

They say that teenagers go through an awkward stage before they blossom into a young adult. With my 30th birthday right around the corner I feel as though I am hitting an awkward stage myself.

For me 30 seems like a funny age. You’re not really considered to be young anymore like you were when you were in your 20s, but you’re not middle-aged yet like when you hit your 40s. So what does 30 mean?

For some reason I have this sense that there should be greater responsibility the closer I get to this milestone although I’m not really sure what this responsibility is exactly. To me someone who is 30 is supposed to have it all together and all figured out. Some days I feel like I’m far from that.

Looking back on the past decade I can say that I have accomplished a lot and hope to do the same in my 30s.

My 20s were spent finishing college and figuring out my future. I began my career in journalism, purchased a home and seemed to settle into life. I began making big decisions regarding finances on my own and felt more like a “grown-up”. My life certainly changed in my 20s. This past decade was great and I wouldn’t change a thing. But I just wish I could stay 25 forever!

In my 20s I learned a lot of valuable things including how important friendships and family are. When I was a teenager I suppose I took these things for granted and it wasn’t until I was older that I realized the true significance of having friends that I cherished and of course good relationships with my family. I also realized I had the ability to choose not to be friends with someone if I didn’t want to. It may sound weird, but as a teenager you wanted as many friends as possible and quantity overrode quality. Today I cherish the quality.

I also learned to trust my instincts better. If something or someone doesn’t appear to be on the up and up, they probably aren’t. I have also become a good judge of character for the most part. This is something that hasn’t come natural to me as sometimes I can be somewhat naïve. I’m learning these things more and more as I get older but let me tell you sometimes it can be a hard lesson.

Learning to be better at living in the moment is also something that I have become better at although it’s still something that I struggle with. Sometimes I get so caught up in planning for what’s next that I forget about enjoying the moment right now. But I think I have made a conscious effort to do so, especially in the last year. It definitely doesn’t come naturally though.

With my 30th birthday coming up I’m left to wonder what will be next? Marriage and starting a family are both a definite yes, so I know my life will drastically change again but for very different reasons then it did in my 20s.

Of course age is just a number and it’s really about how young you feel inside. I will always be young in my heart, but sometimes it’s tough to forget when your birthday comes around that there is also a new number attached.

I do look forward to entering my 30s and all that it will bring. I plan to relish the next decade and to make it my best so far.