Random thoughts for a new year

– The NCAA football playoff system went well as the top four teams were on display and it also showed the two divisions thought to be the weak sisters are not so weak at all with Oregon and Ohio State making it to the final game. Go Ducks!

– I’m not sure what the officials in the Lions/Cowboys game were doing when an obvious interference was called on Dallas and then the flag was picked up. We will never know if that took the win away from Detroit or not but it was certainly a strange move.

– I switched channels watching the World Junior hockey and the NHL to see the difference in the games. What a treat to watch the young guys not playing for money compared to the guys playing for money. The quality of the junior game was much more entertaining but I know these kids could not keep up that pace over an NHL season.

– The Winnipeg Jets must be loving this junior tourney as it showcased so many of their draft picks. Those players have had an impact at the tournament and may be some very good NHL players down the road.

– The showdown the hockey media cooked up between Conner McDavid and Jack Eichel was very anti-climactic. Both kids are going to be solid players but there didn’t seem to be any sort of rivalry during their on-ice encounter at the World Junior event.

– I will never understand why the football experts have this discussion when NFL playoffs roll around but they do. Which quarterback will solidify his road to the Hall of Fame with a Super Bowl win is the question asked. Well I argue that a Super Bowl does not make for a Hall of Fame entrance. Was Trent Dilfer a better QB than Dan Marino? One has a ring and the other is in the hall but there is no question who was the better QB. Last time I checked football was still a team sport and the quarterback does not have a won/loss record. The team does.

– It’s nice TSN has so many channels to choose from but what is the point when many nights each channel is showing the same thing? Then on other nights there is a hockey game on but it’s blacked out in our area.

Happy 2015!