Putting a name to paint colour is a fun experience

Several years ago I visited Shaw Industries Design Centre in Dalton Georgia, it was an inside look at how carpet and area rugs are made and I learned so much about the industry I love. One very exciting part of the tour was the design hub of the company where designers choose trends and forecast colours based on regional sales – it was an amazing office space! My dream job would be the person who gets to name colours for a living. I love learning about colour trends and think that the opportunity to choose trends and impact how people perceive these colours would be the career of a lifetime.

I think colour naming would be fun no matter the industry; cosmetics, fashion and even paint colours for automobiles would be a great way to get your creative on. Ford introduced an auto paint colour in the 70’s called ‘Anti Establish Mint’ – how perfect for the hippie generation! Carpet Colour Centre is giving you the chance to be a part of our new fall launch of C2 LOVO paints with our colour naming party on Sept. 9. Our palette is expanding with the introduction of new and delicious colours and we would love for you to help us by lending us your creativity to name these fledgling colours.

When clients come to me for design advice they are usually interested in paint colours regardless of what stage their build or renovation is at. Paint is the finishing touch, the enveloping colour that you live with day after day and the perfect hue is extremely important to your sense of well being. It has been proven over the hundreds of times I have helped clients with paint shades that the name of the paint creates an emotional reaction and will influence the client to choose certain colours. Who wouldn’t want a feature wall in their bedroom named ‘Gorgeous’ or ‘Red Stiletto’? Imagine the walls of your ensuite bathed in a delicate green called ‘Chopin Etude’ – names like this elicit a strong response and allow us to show off a bit to our friends when they ask the name of your paint colour.

Paint manufacturers used to categorize their colours numerically and I absolutely know that a colour that moved from 2407-22 to ‘Lioness’ created a much more loyal consumer. Us ladies want romantic and whimsical names for the colours in our homes while men want to paint the man cave a deep satisfying colour like ‘Baritone’, even if the shades were the same, baritone would win over a paint called precious any day of the week for the male clientele.

I would like to personally invite you to our Paint Naming Party Sept .9 from 1 5p.m. at Carpet Colour Centre in Southpointe Common. Drop by and bring your creativity along as you help us launch our fall collection of C2 paints! We are very proud of our palette and I know you will find the new colours alluring and enchanting – and how much better they will look if they become christened with your custom name. This is your opportunity to participate in my dream job. Please stop in and say hello – it will be a privilege and a pleasure to meet every single one of you.

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Contact her at 403-343-7711 ext 227 or email her at klewis@carpetcolourcentre.com.