Newcomers to Canada can fulfill dream

Jean-Guy Turcotte

Jean-Guy Turcotte

In the past few months I’ve met many wonderful new Canadians.

I’ve listened to their struggles of wanting to come to a better place to raise their families, and they all chose Canada for different reasons, but one rings out boldly, opportunity!

The ones that have made Canada their new home, have struggled, persevered and invested a lot of time and capital to be here. They’ve left family behind with sometimes only the opportunity to speak with them on the phone once a week or less.

They’ve spent hours in long line-ups to be told they don’t have the correct documentation. They’ve spent hours upon hours of time on the phone to bureaucrats whose primary goal is to keep all of Canada safe, and yet they still endure. Why? Hope!

The traits of many of these new Canadians, no matter which nation they are from, are the same as many of North America’s wealthiest people. They are mostly loyal hardworking visionaries with a dream for a better future – for them and their families.

I am often complimented from these clients, with a referral from the newest Canadian member of their family or friends, and their goal is of homeownership. From the first phone call, we set up a time that is convenient for both of us, and I take them through the process of what it will take to get them into a new home.

If they’ve been here a few months they have spoken to their friends of homeownership, and they can’t believe how easy it is to own a home in Canada.

The following are the guidelines set out by CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation), for borrowers with permanent and non-permanent residence status:

* Your application must be 36 months from your date of arrival.

* Must have established residence in Canada or landed immigrant status with verification of such (i.e. Permanent Residency card, work visa, etc.)

* As low as 5% down payments (same as first time home buyers!)

* Down payment must be from own resources, can be saved up cash with proof from bank account, RRSP, Investments, proceeds from another sale of home, and a non-repayable gift from a family member.

Some required documentation (a combination of the following documentation may be required depending on your application):

* Canadian Credit score of 621 or better (visit or or call me to set up an appointment and I’ll provide you with this for free).

* Two alternate sources of credit demonstrating timely payments for the past 12 months (no arrears or derogatory payments).

* Canadian rental payment history confirmed via letter from landlord and supporting bank statements.

* 12 months of bank statements.

* Canadian utility payment history from an acceptable source such as hydro, gas, telephone or cable via a letter from the service provider, or 12 months of billing statements.

Essentially, you get the same benefits and programs as all Canadians. You just need a couple of extra items of documentation to get through to homeownership. For all you know, you may have all the necessary pieces of the puzzle to obtain your Canadian dream.

My experience tells me that many of you newcomers to Canada have the savings ability, work ethic and will power to achieve whatever it is you want in Canada, and it has been my pleasure to work with you to help you achieve your dreams. Welcome to Canada!

Jean-Guy Turcotte is an accredited mortgage professional with his partners at Regional Mortgage Corporation and can be reached for appointments at 403-343-1125 or texted to 403-391-2552 or