I have a positive attitude, so why has nothing happened yet?



Over the past decade, there has been a great deal of media and motivational speaking time devoted to the concept of positive thinking.

Recently, self help groups have focused their attention on the movie, The Secret, and the ultimate laws of the universe. The Secret promises that, with enough positive focus, you can acquire your heart’s desires.

So, you’ve watched The Secret a few dozen times, thought about what you want and sat in the chair waiting for your success and abundance to come to you.

Let’s face it; we all would love to have a magic potion or a key that unlocks the door to abundance and excellence in our lives. I wish it were as easy as wiggling your nose and your desires appear, but the simple fact of the matter is it takes more than wishing to make your dreams come true.

Now I am not throwing mud at the movie producers: they are definitely on the right track. But, for those of us who are wondering what is taking so long, I wish to identify the missing piece. It takes committed action and applied focus to manifest your dreams. “Energy flows where attention goes!” This is the Attraction Principle.

The Attraction Principle is a common and scientifically researched phenomenon. To understand this principle, consider for a moment the last time you purchased a vehicle, shirt or dress. Ever notice how prior to purchasing the product you were unaware of how many others actually possessed the same one. After driving off the lot or taking your new clothes home to wear, you notice a lot more of these items around you. Your attention has become more focused and tuned into it.

So what are we to do, if we are hoping to achieve or acquire our desires? Well, in addition to focusing one’s attention on the dream, we have to gain commitment to the action necessary to produce the outcomes we are seeking. In other words, manifesting success and abundance requires more than just thinking about them, it is about mapping out a plan for what we want to acquire in our lives. Some people have the ability to develop really clear pictures of what they want in their mind. Others look to vision boards which will help them keep their minds focused on the objective. These are all great and certainly meet the first criteria of focusing on what you want. However, if, when the opportunities present themselves, you fail to take definitive action, then the dream simply slips away.

Consider following these steps to begin the process of actually acquiring your dreams:

Step 1: Ask yourself what it is you really want in your life (a business partner, spouse, or money) and then get a clear image of that person or thing. Take ownership of this idea and make it compelling. The outcome must become apparent and obvious.

Step 2: Create a mental map of what you need to do, specifically, in order to acquire that result. Everything starts with a thought, but without action, the concept of manifestation will simply be a leading cause of frustration.

Step 3: Close your eyes and begin to breathe with focused breath. A great method for learning how to focus your breath is to think about the crown of your head as you inhale and then place your focus on your belly button as you exhale. Do this at least three times, slowly.

Step 4: Allow your mind to focus on your desire and what it means to you to acquire it. Make the image, sounds and feelings of success vivid and compelling. Let no other thought intrude (especially the ‘but what if’ thoughts). View your success as an absolute. Visualize all the steps you need to make this a reality and then begin to mentally take them.

Step 5: Repeat at least twice a day – once in the morning and once at night. As opportunities arise during the day, begin to focus your efforts on movement and action.

May excellence become a measurable part of your life!

Faith Wood is a Trainer of NLP, an internationally certified hypnotherapist and a behaviour strategist. Visit www.imind.ca to learn more. Her column is distributed through Troy Media.