Dr. Gifford Jones

Dr. Gifford Jones

How to decrease a giant gut

“How did this happen?” you wonder when you look in the mirror.

Your stomach used to be flat. The conclusion is obvious. You’ve developed a large gut, like millions of other North Americans. It’s called “killer fat” and it increases by four times your risk of heart disease. But here are ways to reverse this dangerous problem.

1. Stop being surrounded by food. You can’t eat what’s not there. So get rid of the cookie jar that contains 150 calories per cookie. By enjoying four you’ve already used up 600 of your 1,800 calorie limit per day. Get rid of cola drinks with eight teaspoons of sugar, another 120 calories. Get smart, buy a calorie book and stop living in the dark about how many calories foods contain.

2. Beware of packaged foods. Grocery shopping is not high on my list of priorities. But when I do shop with my wife I’m always holding her up by looking at labels. Why? Because I continue to be shocked at the huge amount of calories present in packaged foods. Learn to read “calories per serving.”

3. Buy low calorie foods. Stop choosing pies, cakes, chocolate, shortbread, chips and pretzels loaded with sugar and salt. Just two scoops of chocolate ice cream contain 500 calories. Switch to lower calorie foods such as fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

4. Start moving. Stem cells like it. Stem cells can develop into bone, muscle or fat cells. Researchers at the University of North Carolina placed rats on a vibrating platform 15 minutes daily to simulate muscle activity. This showed that fewer stem cells became fat cells. Daily walking will help to shrink your big gut.

5. Decrease the number of times you eat out. Studies show that eating out provides 32% more calories a day. That’s because North American proportions are obscenely large. Desserts alone can add 1,000 calories!

And avoid the smorgasbord dinner where diners are encouraged to gorge.

6. Get rid of trans fats. Some cities in the U.S. have banned them. But they’re still present in some restaurants, cookies, pastries and cinnamon buns. A study of 16,000 males found that those who ate more trans fats increased their gut in circumference over an eight-year period.

7. You’re no longer 18. As we age our metabolism slows down and we burn fewer calories. The figures are shocking. Studies at Tufts University show that men 60 years of age need 1,000 fewer calories than those at age 20. The solution? You must decrease the number of calories consumed each day. Rocket science isn’t needed to decide what to toss out.

8. Try a natural remedy. Last year, I mentioned that the dietary supplement Glabrinex, derived from the licorice root Glycyrrhiza glabia, had been approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration). This natural remedy mobilizes killer fat and decreases abdominal girth. Many readers report good results. Glabrinex requires a minimum of eight weeks to get results. Reports of edema and hypertension have been reported with prolonged use so always consult your own doctor before taking any medication. Fortunately, the good news is that killer fat cells decrease in size more speedily than other fat cells. But remember, being on Glabrinex is not a license to eat more. The recommended dosage is 3 soft gels (300 milligrams) with dinner. If interested, call the toll free number 1-800-877-2447 as it’s only available in the U.S.

If all this fails, you have a problem. Killer fat produces a number of inflammatory cytokines, called adepokines, which cause inflammation of blood vessels with increased risk of heart disease. The degree of inflammation can be determined by a blood test called C- reactive protein. So seriously consider joining an organization such as Weight Watchers that monitors your success or failure every week. Having someone look over your shoulder is helpful to many people.

Will you ever be able to see your shoes? It all depends on how much you want to see them.

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