Headley’s predictions for the NHL season

It’s that time of year again. When all the Oilers and Flames fans have penciled in their team to win the Stanley Cup, despite logic telling them otherwise.

Of course, anything is possible when it comes to NHL season predictions. Let’s start with the Western Conference where things will be a riot!

The Vancouver Canucks have little reason to not win the conference again. In preseason their farm team was beating up on the Flames and Oiler starters. But let’s just say they got it made.

In second place the Chicago Blackhawks will win their division. “What?”

That’s right, the Blackhawks are a team that has experience, rising superstars and solid goaltending. Expect a very impressive year from them. On their heels in third, will be San Jose, Detroit and L.A. Don’t ask me what order. Just know these will be your top six.

I could include the Ducks here but their offensive defensemen are a liability. The seventh and eighth place spot will be a huge fight.

Calgary, Columbus, St. Louis, Nashville, and Minnesota are all going to fight for those two spots. I think St. Louis and Minnesota will make it in. Here’s the thing, the Avalanche and the Oilers are still too young.

Next year they’ll contend for eighth spot in the conference. Not this year.

In the East, the top team will have swagger.

You could call them Swaggerville. But we won’t. We’ll call them the defending Stanley Cup champions. The Boston Bruins will win the conference. Yes, they’re that good and they have a lot of returning players; including the underrated Tyler Seguin. Believe me, he’s the real deal.

Washington will take second in the conference. They’re solid in goal with Vokun and still have some of the most offensive players in the game. Ovechkin and Backstrom are no slouches and Claude Julien will have his team looking (bleeping) great.

With the return of Sid Pittsburgh will be third. Next you’ll find Tampa Bay and then the new broad street bullies. (No relation to the old bullies other than they’re both from Philadelphia). Buffalo will be next on that list. Don’t count them too low. They may even win this. I know, I picked Boston but the Sabres could go either way. They could dominate, or get beat up.

Canadiens rejoice, sort of. The Habs, Leafs and Jets will be in the playoff hunt. Of those teams two will make the playoffs. And it kills me to say, they won’t be from Winnipeg.

Carolina, Islanders, Senators and Panthers will all be back in the standings.

And there you have it, my predictions for the upcoming NHL season.

Of course, these predictions won’t mean anything in two months because of injuries, but hey, whaddaya gonna do?