Headley’s musings on the world of sports

How long will you be eating turkey leftovers? One Week. Two Weeks? Well, rest assured this weekend has produced its own leftovers. At least in my head. Basically, these are my observations over the last weekend. Thoughts that came into my head. They’re not necessarily facts. Just thoughts.

I’ll start with golf. Chris Ballantyne, who actually watches golf, says he didn’t even know the season was over. Mainly because the biggest star in the game, Tiger Woods, has been as consistent on the green as the weather in Central Alberta. Simply put it’s been awful but it was good to see him at 7 under this weekend. There’s a glimmer of hope that he’s back. And if he’s back, golf is back.

Riddle me this. Who was born in L.A.? Has had a cancerous lesion removed from their throat? Had a spouse that was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma and left their team late in a season? If you guessed North America’s leading passer, you’re right. Anthony Calvillo is the number one quarterback to ever play the game. Just sounds weird saying it. Lancaster, Dunigan, Favre, all take a backseat to AC.

The Winnipeg Jets hosted their first NHL game in 15 years. They lost 5-1, some blame the crowd but if you heard Chantelle Kreviazuk singing the national anthem with Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo, you’d understand why everyone wished she’d left on a jet plane and cancelled. Don’t get me wrong, Chantelle’s a great singer, very attractive but man that was awful. Almost Jann Arden bad.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins scored a goal in his regular season game as an Edmonton Oiler. Did the entire city of Red Deer cheer or weep? He’s looking real comfortable in the big league. But it still doesn’t make sense for the Oilers to keep him. At least that’s my prayer.

In the NFL, the Packers are that good. The Jaguars are that bad. And the Eagles? Well my Eagles are struggling mightily. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that every NFL team will use the Eagles as the future blue-print of what NOT to do in the off season.

And finally, as far as baseball goes, I know many of you are happy the Yankees and Phillies are gone. Usually this means bad news for ratings but this year’s baseball playoffs have been great TV. If you’re into that sort of stuff. And finally, I just want to say, the judges on Dancing with the Stars, are biased. Yeah, I said it. What?