Don’t rush when shopping for that perfect home accessory

Rome wasn’t built in a day and most interiors aren’t either.

Having recently moved into a new home, I am eager to fill it with all sorts of beautiful things and I have found myself rushing around this past week trying to find that perfect accessory or item. The problem with this is that we can often impulse purchase something that later makes us wonder ‘what was I thinking’?

Have you ever done that? Found yourself in a store thinking that the item in your hand is good enough instead of buying something you truly love? I admit that has been me a few times this week and I have had to talk myself down from buying something just because it was good enough. It’s sort of like being really hungry and grabbing the first thing you can instead of going off in search of something truly delicious.

When you are tempted to rush a purchase, have a little dialogue with yourself – do you really love what you are buying or is it just OK?

Can you wait for a few days (possibly even weeks?) until you find something better? Trust your instincts on purchases like these whether you are looking for decorative items or even clothing, shoes and jewelry. The temptation is to buy on impulse and emotion which is how we end up with 75 pairs of shoes that we don’t know what to do with! And yes, I am speaking from personal experience.

I find it helpful to make a list with measurements if necessary to carry with you in case you find that perfect item. I am on the hunt for a bench for my hallway and I am feeling quite efficient with my measurements in my purse in case I come across an irresistible find.

Rather than wasting time and energy wondering if it will fit, I have the required dimensions at the ready should that perfect bench jump out at me during a shopping excursion. Use your time wisely and you will get more satisfaction and have more fun shopping for your home and personal fashion. Most people don’t buy rings or shoes or bras home without trying them on and a lot of decorative accessories require specific measurements if they are to be appropriate size and scale for your room.

Do you spend too much time second-guessing your purchases and decorative decisions? Learn to listen to that little voice inside you – it is there! Most people quell that voice by asking too many opinions from everyone else and ignoring what their own gut is telling them. You will know it when you see it, pay attention to yourself – your heart will race a bit and whatever you are looking at will make you smile instantly. If it brings you joy and works in your home then it will probably be a perfect accessory for you.

I was shopping recently and saw a simple black wooden scripted word (you know the kind) it said ‘home’, it made me smile and I knew it would accompany my sketches of beloved Old Quebec City which hang in my foyer. I bought it, brought it and hung it and its perfect! The last thing I see as I leave my home to start my day and it makes me very happy.

Kim Lewis is an interior designer in Red Deer with Carpet Colour Centre. Contact her at 403-343-7711 ext 227 or email her at